Diverticulitis - on going battle (possible crohns?)

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Foxesandcrosses Sun 07-Jun-20 17:54:08

Hello all,

I am looking for some advice. I am really struggling psychically. For context I am a fit and healthy 32 year old, not overweight and pretty clean living. I am awaiting my colonoscopy (accelerated by concerns I have bowel cancer).

In April I was admitted to hospital for a week with diverticulitis. The doctors said it was one of the worst cases they had seen and my left side was incredibly inflamed with lots of thickening in the colon.
I left hospital and a week later the pain and issues came back.
I was put on another 10 days of antibiotics. Came off them and once again ended up in hospital. I have just finished my 4th course of antibiotics. I still have gnarling pain - nothing as bad as it was! But I am absolutely exhausted all the time and can sleep all day. I am mentally struggling with not getting better. Is this normal?

I have now been put on an accelerated programme for bowel cancer- I am sure I am fine however the doc did say the diverticulitis could be masking another illness such as ulcers or crohns.
My energy levels are zero, I had blood in my stools but that's got a bit better, I have a lot of mucus in my stools and constantly in pain.

Before I got ill I did have classic symptoms of IBD fever and chills, diarrhoea, changes in bowel movements for years.
Also the docs found a possible hole in my colon - could this be the cause of not fully recovering?

My question is has anyone else struggled with diverticulitis and how did you get better? I am at a loss and need to know how I can help myself.

Thank you x

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TARSCOUT Mon 08-Jun-20 09:18:02

Oh you've been having a terrible time! It does sound awfully like crohns however diverticulitis can be ongoing as have same symptoms. Ultimately you can't do anything until colonoscopy results come through. My DM has recurring flares of Diverticulitis and I have Crohns and we both have similar flaring symptoms.

Foxesandcrosses Mon 08-Jun-20 10:50:39

Hello TARSCOUT thanks so much for your reply smile
That's interesting to have both perspectives and interesting that the two IBD can mimic one another. Also i wonder if genetic if your mum also has inflammatory bowel disease.
On my mums side there is crohns.

Yes, until I get properly checked out I can't do much.
I have started to read up about Crohns as there are some helpful advice which I am certain will help me regardless.

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