BV just the once?

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Rbkhnmh Fri 08-May-20 20:09:42

Long story short my GP gave me antibiotics for BV. Didn’t get any swabs done though what with covid19 and all that and she relied heavily on just what symptoms I had.

My issue is that for 6 years I had these symptoms with not one doctor saying it was BV, even with some slight swabs going.
The symptoms I have are
Discharge that is sometimes clear but then other times slightly yellowish/green. As well as having extremely damp underwear at times
Painful sex
And a strong odour that isn’t fish but more so ammonia like(if that makes sense)

This only started after I went on the pill back in 2014 and my ex stopped using condoms. I came off the pill 5 months later but my symptoms were still around. Could I have caught BV from the pill all those years ago and please can someone reassure me that they’ve had it once and never again.

I’ve read on so many pages that it always comes back and things like PH balance being off, having to take probiotics.
And never being able to be intimate with a partner again and I’ll be honest it’s making me feel a it crap. I’ve had not much support from the doctor and I’m at my whits ends.

I’m praying that it goes forever after I’ve taken these antibiotics, but I’ve had such bad luck in my life that I’ve a funny feeling I’m stuck with it forever!

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Rbkhnmh Sun 10-May-20 09:13:29

I forgot to add this is the discharge that is happening. It’s not masses but enough to cause an issue. I think because they haven’t actually swabbed me I’m wondering if it even is that or if it’s something else too.

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naplavni Thu 23-Jul-20 21:45:52

Hello OP
I can see this post was a while ago now. I too am on antibiotics for suspected Pelvic Inflammatory Disease from escalated BV (that I didn't treat as I didn't know I had it).
I'm curious how you are now after your course of antibiotics?
I also have that ammonia smell rather than the horrid fishy smell they always describe. From what little I know it can be caused by so many things! And actually semen can upset the natural balance of bacteria.
My GP says condoms are the best preventative measure for BV. But I also read even your hormones and diet can be a troubling factor.

I hope you are better any how!

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