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Eye Rolling in a One Year Old.... Normal?????

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mackiners Sun 16-Sep-07 20:32:29

My one year old son has recently had a series of episodes where his eyes have either rolled backwards or have rolled upwards and then over to the side. These episodes only last a few seconds and don't appear to cause him any concern. At first I thought he was copying one of my facial expressions, but now I am not convinced. When the episode is happening I am a bit freaked out by it. They happen maybe a couple of times a day (but can then go for days without it happening).

Developmentally he is doing great (crawling, walking, into everything, etc). I was just wondering if any other mum out there has experienced the same thing? If so, is this something that eventually stops happening? Am really worried about this.

Any comments appreciated. Thanks!

fakeblonde Sun 16-Sep-07 22:05:08

Do they happen when he is tired or hungry ?
Could be vacant seizures or petit mal ?
If he`s ok otherwise tho i would just write down everything, ie how often ect and mention it to your gp.Some lo`s eye roll when just really tired.

mackiners Mon 17-Sep-07 08:37:04

The episodes happen randomly and aren't happening when he is tired or particularly hungry. Think I will get a doctor to check him out.

crimplene Mon 17-Sep-07 11:27:42

It could be a sign that he's having trouble with the vision in the eye that's rolling (caused by any one of quite a few eye problems, including just short-sightedness). The brain can switch off from receiving signals from the eye that's having trouble seeing and when it does this it can also lose control of the muscles allowing it to drift or roll away from the other eye - it often happens intermittently at first and then develops into a permanent squint. You should get a referral to a pediatic ophthalmologist - and I wouldn't accept a long wait - as it can be a sign of some problems that should be treated quickly and 'lazy eye' problems are much easier and quicker to correct early rather than later on.

crimplene Mon 17-Sep-07 11:29:58

Sorry - I just read your post again - it's both eyes rather than one. It could still be something optical, but probably less likely. Ignore what I said.

evilreturns Mon 17-Sep-07 11:30:46

this has reminded me of something i saw at a baby group last week - a 4 month old with really "rolley" eyes, for want of a better phrase. mum didn't mention it or seem to think anything was wrong but i definitely don't remember dd having "rolley" eyes.

should i have said anything?

mackiners - i would get it checked out just to make sure but i don't expect it is anything to worry about if he seems fine in himself

mackiners Mon 17-Sep-07 21:35:11

Many thanks for your comments. His eyes just seem to occasionally roll for no apparent reason, but he doesn't seem bothered by it. I've made an appointment with my doctor for Thursday to get it checked out. I'm trying to convince myself that it might be one of those thing he may grow out of doing.... if I don't do that then I think I'd exhaust myself with worry!

bamamama Tue 18-Sep-07 05:17:24

My ds used to do this from about 6-8mths. It looked a bit like he was trying to look inside his head! I spoke to the HV about it who (helpfully) had never come across it before but who suggested I tried to film him doing it (as it was a random thing and couldn't guarantee he'd do it at an appointment) and take this to the GP. I never managed to whip the camera out in time and after a little while he just stopped doing it. So, sorry not much help but if you're worried take him to the GP.

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