Tennis elbow from the shark lift away?

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Stuckinstressville Tue 14-Apr-20 14:16:06

Am I the only one?

2 weeks in and I am obsessed by my new vacuum suckiness and also obsessed by cleaning the dust everywhere after my family due to allergies... but the last two days I seem to have a throbbing aching deep pain in my upper for arm and feels like tennis elbow ! Every other day I do the house and mop so not that extreme as have a computer job, two kids under 4 and two cats... and a Dh.

Has anyone else got this or other cleaning injuries or advice on how to alleviate it??

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MayFayner Tue 14-Apr-20 14:18:37

Sorry I can’t help about your elbow other than to suggest resting it for a few days and seeing if that makes any difference.

But... is the Shark liftaway really that great? I read amazing reviews but it looks huge and clunky in photos 🤔

Stuckinstressville Tue 14-Apr-20 16:51:19

Am loving the suck and cleaning but compared to my old dyson it is so tricking heavy ... so heavy. Wow. Soooooo heavy. Did I mention it was heavy?

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MayFayner Wed 15-Apr-20 11:48:04

😂 Yes it looks heavy. My cordless dyson has died a death so I’m shopping around a bit!

I hope your elbow improves- maybe someone else could be on vacuuming duty for a week or two?

Thighmageddon Wed 15-Apr-20 11:55:33

I've got a dyson V10 because I have so any issues with tennis elbow. I realised that the Shark was waaay too heavy for mead would aggravate it.

Puddlelane123 Wed 15-Apr-20 12:09:25

I’ve got the shark and it is indeed very heavy, however I use it everyday and get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction from how good it is! It cleans so much better than my previous dysons and for me that alone makes the added weight worth it. I also like to tell myself it is giving me a mini workout...

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