Can period pain come in severe waves every 2-5 minutes?

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reup Tue 07-Apr-20 05:41:59

It’s never happened to me before, just wondered if it was normal?

I’ve been awake for over 2 hours with severe period pain - have taken paracetamol and ibuprofen. It dulls a bit then whooshes back and is incredibly painful every few minutes . I can’t sleep with it and have come to my painkiller limit for a couple of hours

I’m 54 and only have periods every 3 months or so.


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FixTheBone Tue 07-Apr-20 05:47:51

I suppose anything is possible - but waves of pain (colic) are more typical of inflammation or blockage in a tubular organ - lower abdomen I would guess ureters, but without more information, that is entirely speculative.

Do you have any symptoms to suggest a urinary tract infection? Kidney stones are typically extremely painful, could be that....

reup Tue 07-Apr-20 05:53:55

Thanks for answering - No no temp or painful urination.

My period started Sunday night and I have had very painful periods before - but only once did painkillers not sort it out, it’s never been like this before.

Obviously want to avoid GP etc!

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TheHuntingOfTheSarky Tue 07-Apr-20 05:59:58

It sounds a bit like the pain I experience - just been diagnosed with adenomyosis. But yes it could be some sort of infection too, prob best to get checked out if it continues.

crabb Tue 07-Apr-20 06:12:55

@FixTheBone has described kidney stone pain to a T (from miserable experience x 5). That is indeed “colicky” pain you’re describing. Comes and goes in waves. Constipation?

reup Tue 07-Apr-20 06:34:13

It never completely goes just becomes a more normal level of dull ache period pain.

No constipation - I’ve gone about 4 times since 3am

It feels a tiny bit better now - waiting till 8 so I can take some cocodamol!!

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TheHuntingOfTheSarky Tue 07-Apr-20 06:53:14

My pains feel almost like contractions, it's so severe that I feel quite faint then it fades again to the usual dull ache. Diagnosis of adenomyosis was through transvaginal ultrasound following referral to a gynae specialist.


supadupapupascupa Tue 07-Apr-20 06:59:17

My period pains have always come in waves. Your uterus is contracting to empty so it makes sense. I've always said they are like minor labour contractions, not severe but stop me in my tracks and can take my breath away.

Mary1935 Tue 07-Apr-20 07:15:22

Hi I’ve had this when I had a urine infection or a kidney infection.
Hopefully it’s your period.
They can be rough.

Ilikefresias Tue 07-Apr-20 07:21:16

Mine often come in waves like you deserve. That's normal for me through. I wonder with your age if this is down to changing hormones? Are you trying heat too? Hot water bottles on my front and back help. I hope it eases off soon

borntobequiet Tue 07-Apr-20 07:23:58

Mine used to do this and still do sometimes. They always take me by surprise. Worse with a Mirena in, as I can feel the bloody thing.

legalseagull Tue 07-Apr-20 07:24:48

If you've been for a poo three times since 3am I'd say that's your pain! Stomach bug with cramps. Get well soon OP I hope you're feeling a bit better

fluffygreenmonsterhoody Tue 07-Apr-20 07:28:36

My endometriosis was like this. Hot water bottle and deep breaths then as many drugs as you’re allowed. Remember you can take cocodamol and ibuprofen two hours apart to keep you topped up. (Not long term obvs but to get you through the worst.)

Sorry you’re dealing with this flowers

helpmum2003 Tue 07-Apr-20 07:30:02

OP i certainly wouldn't assume it was period pain based on what you're like usually.
If you've had diarrhoea each time you've been to the loo then agree on tummy bug. Diverticulitis (bowel condition) can cause pain and diarrhoea and can become infected. If nothing or not much is coming out then i would call the GP as there are other more serious conditions also.

reup Tue 07-Apr-20 07:38:51

Thanks for all the suggestions

No diarrhoea just lots of poo - been twice more now! But the pain doesn’t really feel like stomach bug pain and I don’t feel sick.

Might try to find a hot water bottle - I’m sure we have one somewhere!

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discodoorbell Tue 07-Apr-20 07:41:19

If you've been to the toilet that much the pattern of pains sound like IBS cramps. Hormones during your period can trigger intestinal cramps as well as uterine cramps.

LynetteScavo Tue 07-Apr-20 07:44:19

I always went to the toilet easily with period pain. Is there any chance this could be a miscarriage?

reup Tue 07-Apr-20 07:52:30

I’m 54 so I would hope not - I haven’t had a period since December- it’s feels like I’m getting 4 months worth in one go!

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reup Tue 07-Apr-20 08:01:51

Also I have had 2 elective caesareans so no idea what a contraction feels like!!

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NiteFlights Tue 07-Apr-20 08:05:38

I get period pain in intermittent waves/spasms when I am passing a big clot. (Ugh) It’s got like that in the last couple of years (mid 40s). Also seem to have more IBS/crampy pain with my period these days. Is your period heavier than before? My pain has become like this since my periods started becoming much shorter and heavier.

reup Tue 07-Apr-20 08:12:11

They were sometimes were very heavy last year but this one hasn’t been so far.

I’ve found a hot water bottle and taken cocodamol so fingers crossed

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reup Tue 07-Apr-20 10:13:27

So - don’t read if you’re eating - I had a huge gush of blood - went everywhere - no clots - I accidentally flushed the towel down the loo in the confusion and blocked the loo! But I feel a million times better - no waves of pain.

Thanks everyone.

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Mascotte Tue 07-Apr-20 10:17:18

@TheHuntingOfTheSarky me too! It’s a bit like labour pains; comes in waves, really horrible.

Mine tends to be worse before a gush or big clot (sorry tmi)

Ibuprofen is better than paracetamol as it’s an anti inflammatory.

reup Tue 07-Apr-20 10:19:45

Today has made me glad I had c-sections grin

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legalseagull Tue 07-Apr-20 12:58:19

Any chance you could be pregnant OP? Miscarriage?

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