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white spots in 11 months mouth not eating or drinking

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Shoshable Mon 10-Sep-07 19:54:58

BF phoned a hour ago, Lo has a temp of 39.5, and white spots in her mouth, really grizzilly and not eating or drinking.

I told her to ring NHS Direct who ahe to ld her to take LO stright to Hospital.

BF is on her own her DH is working abroad and they have just moved to new place so all alone.

Does anyone know what it could be.

FairyMum Mon 10-Sep-07 20:04:39


Wisteria Mon 10-Sep-07 20:05:26

thrush, very common x

Wisteria Mon 10-Sep-07 20:10:12

info here

Temp seems quite high so I would cool baby down with a lukewarm bath, give calpol and see GP in the morning. If temp doesn't come down then call GP out.

Shoshable Mon 10-Sep-07 20:14:28

Thank You all, she has just phoned to say she is going to A&E as it seems to be affecting her DDs breathing a bit.

Wish I was closer, BF is like a daughter to me and feel so helpless 2.5 hours away.

watling Mon 10-Sep-07 20:17:09

Message withdrawn

SlightlyMadSweden Mon 10-Sep-07 22:17:35

Soshable. Has she been in contact with anyone that has had a coldsore recently?

DD3 recently had a mouthfull of blisters which was preceeded/accompanied by an extremely high temp. It is called Primary herpes infection.

There are obviously a number of causes but this is one to consider. If this sounds plausible nd she hasn't been treated at A&E please beg GP for acyclovir. It is only effective in first 2-3 days. DD3 was sooooo poorly it is unreal (she was diagnosed too late cos it was weekend). Not only was she generally ill from teh virus, but she virtually stopped eating and drinking because of hte pain. Yoghurts were all we could get in.
I will find my previous threads.

SlightlyMadSweden Mon 10-Sep-07 22:21:56

here is hte main thread. Doesn't really contaim much extra info than what I have just posted but you can see the termoil I was in as a parent a teh time. It was the nastiest thing she has had and it was all caused by a coldsore.

Shoshable Tue 11-Sep-07 13:45:34

Thank You for all your help, Lo had a severe case of thrush, the hospital gave mum some jelly sort of stuff (her words not mine grin) to coat Lo throat with and glucose drink, they kept her at the hospital for three hours, in which time she drank all the drink and had a wet nappy, so they were allowed to go home.

She drank another glucose through the night, and today is running around as if nothing wrong!!!! grin

Kids!!!! sent to worry us grin

watling Tue 11-Sep-07 14:32:46

Message withdrawn

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