First time with thrush. It’s torture!!!

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Itchingmad Tue 17-Mar-20 00:17:22

Is this normal? Absolutely the itchiest thing I’ve ever encountered. Everything down there is so puffy and red and the cream stings!
Just used the pessary thing tonight but I can actually feel my heartbeat in my foof and it feels like something is coming out.
I’m walking like a blinking penguin.
I had a look and I suspect I might have some form of prolapse because something just isn’t quite right....
GP have suspended all routine appointments for the next couple weeks because of COVID.
I can’t sleep it is so uncomfortable. Aaaargh!

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Ihavechangedmyname2manytimes Tue 17-Mar-20 00:36:38

Get yourself Canesten Duo. Hope, you will still be able to get it from pharmacy. Had this last September after course of antibiotics, and it cleared beautifully. Sounds like you are already using some cream and pessary, maybe, just need to wait for a bit for it to work? Good luck!

Honeybee85 Tue 17-Mar-20 00:41:34

Canesten. Change your underwear regulary and wear only cotton knickers. No thongs. Nothing too tight.

My GP once adviced me to sleep naked from the waist down or wear very loose cotton pyama pants in case of thrush as appearently it helps to let the area ‘breathe’.

Good luck OP

Honeybee85 Tue 17-Mar-20 00:42:06

Loose pyama pants with no underwear I mean.

RainMinusBow Tue 17-Mar-20 00:46:17

I've just suffered a particularly nasty bout at 29 weeks' pregnant. It has honestly been like weeing razor blades and so, so painful. Even sitting down stung and everything was inflamed and sore.

The first pessary didn't clear it so I used another which seems to have helped. Regular application of the cream helps too.

Itchingmad Tue 17-Mar-20 00:48:41

Yes taken the pessary tonight but wondering if I should go back for the tablet and just take both?if I can get it, the pharmacy was bare! I’ve had some yakult today and cut out a lot of sugar.
I’m due on next week and the shops were out of tampons and pads!

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RainMinusBow Tue 17-Mar-20 07:11:51

@Itchingmad If I wasn't pregnant and it didn't clear up in with the pessary then I'd try the tablet. They offered me it at my local pharmacy (didn't even ask if was pregnant!) but couldn't have it because of baby. I've taken it in the past though and it's worked well.

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