24hr urine collection - bottle already full!

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bajrifl Wed 11-Mar-20 19:20:50

The rest requires all urine in 24 hours in the appropriate bottles. So yes I'm afraid you will need to request 2 bottles and start the collection again.

wouldyouadamandeveit Wed 11-Mar-20 17:17:50

Hi, I'm doing a 24hr urine collection test for catecholamine. I am almost at the top of the bottle (hospital provided) and there's no way I'm getting whatever comes out between now and 7am in there!

I did try the clinic reception for over an hour but no answer.

I can collect the urine in other containers but the hospital provided one has some sort of preservative acid in it and I can only return the hospital provided one for the tests to be done.

Shall I just call again tomorrow and ask for 2 new bottles and do the test again from scratch?

I feel an idiot. The bottle looked huge when empty, but it certainly doesn't take much to fill it!!!!

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