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New baby stopped breathing - how common?

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Pheebe Thu 06-Sep-07 16:40:10

Hi All

My dear SIL had her baby over the weekend and last night he stopped breathing and turned blue. Luckily they noticed and got him streaight to the hospital. He did the same thing once over night but is feeding fine and seems OK in all other respects. Tests done today (don't know what) haven't shown anything wrong and it looks like they're going to be sent home this evening.

Has anyone else had a similar experience??? How on earth are they going to cope?

Obviously we're all vv worried for them...

debbiewebweb Thu 06-Sep-07 17:14:50

My friends ds did this when a few weeks old and has never done it again and is absolutely fine. If I was them I'd get one of those sensor mats for him to sleep on so it alarms out if he stops breathing. My sister got one for her very prem baby and although she had a few false alarms with it she was always happier to go running in to a false alarm than risk anything happening. They will stress forever no doubt, and who can blame them poor things.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 06-Sep-07 17:16:42

Oh poor SiL - how very scary. It's every parents nightmare isn't it? Luckily they DO grow out of this and yes do get a sensor mat for her - we have one but we stopped using it a while ago - I was just paranoid no real need for it in our case. Gosh I hope he's okay.

Bouncingturtle Thu 06-Sep-07 17:32:28

It happened to me - when I was 6 weeks old, my Dad revived me and I was taken to hospital. I had loads of tests, but docs couldn't find anything wrong, and I never had a repeat occurance. I'm 32 now and healthy as a horse!
Hope you niece will be the same

Bouncingturtle Thu 06-Sep-07 17:32:49

OOps sorry I meant nephew lol

Jas Thu 06-Sep-07 17:36:39

My ds did this whn he was less than 24 hrs old, and it was very scary as we were at home. I got him breathing and we took him back to the hospital and had him checked. They couldn't find anything wrong but thought it may have been related to his very speedy birth.

It never happened again, and he is a healthy 18months now.

I hope your nephew is ok now.

Pheebe Thu 06-Sep-07 17:40:59

Thanks everyone, good to hear it is possible to be a one off with good outcomes!

Jas, he was born very quickly too (within 40 minutes of arriving at hospital!)
Think they're definitely going to get an angel monitor.

SILs DD1 was very premature (29 weeks) and had breathing problems too although she never stopped breathing.

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