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High Blood Pressure at 29!!!

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Toothache Wed 05-Sep-07 12:08:13

For the past year or so, everytime I've had my BP taken its been really high.

I've been monitored at A&E once and they couldn't find anything wrong with me.... and my BP came down.

I can only conclude that it's White Coat Syndrome..... and also just general anxiety. I'm quite a highly strung person!

I had it taken yesterday at the Family Planning Clinic (having the mirena coil reinserted). The mere mention of Blood Pressure had me all clammy palmed!!! My bp was 150/99! Normally (through my pregnancies) my BP sat at 120/75.

I'm going to buy a BP monitor from Lloyds Chemists for my own sanity, but I'm really worried about the health implications. And I suppose worrying, is making me more anxious and making matters worse!

Anyone else out there who is perfectly healthy, but has high BP???

And just how serious is it?? sad

haychee Wed 05-Sep-07 12:25:04

My dp has high blood pressure and was diagnosed when he was 26! He has been on medication ever since and its now controlled well.

I shouldnt woryy about it, if you do have high blood pressure, whats the worst that could happen? Youll be put on medication and that will be that.

Does anybody else in your family have it? Are you a ikely candidate?

It will be interesting to see what it is on average after youve done it yourself for a week or two.

expatinscotland Wed 05-Sep-07 12:30:57

I am. I'm 36 and have a strong paternal history of it.

I was diagnosed after monitoring at hospital and then wearing a monitor for 24 hours. I get big spikes in mine - randomly, although it is elevated all the time.

So far, so good as far as staying off medication, although I don't know for how long.

My dad is now in his 70s and struggles to control his even with several meds.

It is very important to keep your weight in check with this disease because it puts you at real risk for the cardiovasular disease and stroke.

One of my first cousin's did not watch her weight or exercise. She died at 39 from heart attack. My dad's sister did not, she also died from heart disease at 62. Ditto his brother at 66. His other brother had his first heart attack at 37.

My sister doesn't - she's been on mulitple meds for 3 years and she's only 40.

Exercise is vital, too, as is moderating drinking and no smoking.

mamijacacalys Wed 05-Sep-07 12:56:02

Have a history of my BP being high when taken at the GPs or with the nurse, 150/90 similar to the OP. Was put on methyldopa for mild 'essential hypertension' during both my pgs and was monitored closely, due to the increased risk of pre-eclampsia, but had problem free pg's and although was induced both times, relatively normal labours.
When I had the 24-hour monitoring between my two pg's, BP was shown to be fine.
Saw my GP about this recently, as it is a year since he fitted my Implanon implant.
He agreed that it's white coat syndrome, although I am generally quite a laid back sort of person.
If you're worried, suggest you ask for the 24 hr monitoring, but sounds like you're fine if the A&E couldn't find anything.
Hope this helps. smile

Biglips Wed 05-Sep-07 13:08:22

i was diagnosed with HBP @ 28 cos of the pill i was on. it was 145/100. Since then its fine. (i can never go back on the pill though).

Biglips Wed 05-Sep-07 13:08:46

oops it was 145/90

bundle Wed 05-Sep-07 13:10:22

have a look on the british hypertension society's website, re: which bp monitor to buy - some of them (esp finger/wrist ones) are rubbish. to rule out white coat hypertension, you'll need to have an ambulatory monitor for 24 hrs - your gp should be able to fix you up with one

Biglips Wed 05-Sep-07 13:11:56

oh and it was classed it as Hypertension BUT i was not on medication for it

HorseyWoman Wed 05-Sep-07 13:55:00

I was 18 when I was dx with high BP and my stupid dr put me on atenolol (since been found to lead to depression - well ummm, yes!). THEN she organised for me to see a consultant at the hospital, who thought 'hang on, she's just about 19, she's slightly o/w but is fit and doesn't drink or smoke. Let's do an ECG and 24 hour monitor'. With the nurse my BP was always slightly raised but more within the normal range. With dr or consultant it was always 180ish (once it was 200) over 100ish. The 24 hour monitor (which I had three times in the end), showed I have low BP, or had low BP, possibly heightened by the fact I had been taking blood-thinning drugs for the preceeding 5 or 6 months!!! The consultant was hopping, I was hopping. I was told to stop the drugs IMMEDIATELY and dx with White Coat Hypertension (and occasional sexy doctor syndrome wink.

I've had pneumonia and mental illness, therefore gaining more weight, since then, so my BP is naturally higher now and my new GP wants me to get it down, saying that WCH doesn't affect it that much (err, hello, my BP was once 200/110 with the consultant!!). Anyway, my diet isn't bad and since hypnotherapy I eat much less and am losing weight. I am an active person and never take salt, so I feel I am doing all I can.

That's all you can do - follow 80/20 (healthy 80% and what you want 20%) and cut back/cut out salt and maybe try and do the same with sugar. Cut down alcohol and smoking and drugs (not that I am suggesting you do any of those), and remember exercise. If you are doing all of those then you will be fine. Make sure the dr gets you to have a 24 hour monitor/ecg (the ecg showed I have a heart murmur). Don't take ANY meds until you know for sure that it isn't the old 'nervous with the dr' syndrome.

High BP is a manageable illness with diet and exercise and sometimes medication. It can be dangerous and cause stroke and heart attack. But please don't worry as that is counter-productive!

Toothache Wed 05-Sep-07 14:57:14

Thanks all!

I'm 5'4" and 11 st. I've just started going to the gym 3 times a week and I walk everywhere (can't drive LOL!).

I eat very healthily (if not a bit too much wink)

.... I drink too much
.... I smoke when I'm drinking.

I know I've got to cut down on the drinking. It started when H and I split last year, it helped me sleep. I've talked to the GP about it recently, but he just gave me ADs that made me so dizzy I couldn't function the next day. That's not an option for me as I'm a single mum to 2 young kids and I work fulltime.

I'm going to trot off to my local herbal shop and see if I can get something natural to help me sleep to stop me pouring a LAAAAARGE G&T (or 3!)every night.

I think the amount I drink, and the high BP is very indicative of the fact I'm STRESSED OUT.

hmm off to ponder my options and see if I can do 2 nights in a row without a drink...... baaaaaby steps..... wink

Toothache Wed 05-Sep-07 14:58:41

Incidentally.... I'm not depressed (been there and I'm not going there again!!).... or pining (ROFL grin) after my ex.... which is what the GP thought.

Sixofone Wed 05-Sep-07 15:16:13

Hi, I am 32 and have high BP, at least I think I do but not totally sure now (will explain).

It's always been a bit high but nothing major. At about 28 weeks preg, it started to creep up and they had me on various meds, but couldn't control it and I was eventually induced at 36.5 weeks, when it went up to 200/120 - crash trolley, catheter, 3 drips, the works, v. scary - and they way they were talking you'd have thought I was going to die on the spot!

Anyhow, have been on meds (nifedipine) for best part of a year, then I forget to take it for a week as I have a tummy bug (that was 3 months ago) and monitor my BP most days - and now it is rarely over 130/90, which isn't really that high (most docs wouldn't medicate you just for that). Bit scared about having another baby tho' - the high BP wasn't so much a problem, as the fact they couldn't control it. Will probably get told off by my consultant when I go and see her though.

Don't forget, if you have high BP it doesn't automatically mean you're going to drop dead of a heart attack or stroke, just that they have found that of people who do have heart attacks and strokes, it is quite common for them to have high BP. Hope that reassures you a bit!

PS I am overweight but otherwise healthy.

expatinscotland Wed 05-Sep-07 16:11:43

I found it easier not to drink when it just wasn't around - in the house, for example.

I'm bad about fags when I'm out having a drink, but that's not very often and will soon be next to never so I'm not too concerned.

The bonus about cutting down on drinking is that you might find it easier to lose weight.

Kewcumber Wed 05-Sep-07 16:21:55

don;t buy a blood pressure monitor they are notoriously inaccurate (and will turn you into a hypochondriac in the process). Ask your GP for a 24 hr blood pressure test. You are strapped up to a gizmo for 24 hours and it takes a reading every 5-10 mins or so. It will determine whetehr you have high blood pressure or white coat syndrome. White coat syndrome is really not a problem, blood pressure goes up and down all teh time.

High blood pressure is a problem and needs treating so you need to work out which it is.

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