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Migraine and postdrome

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jessysu Sun 19-Jan-20 14:06:56

I'm new to migraines. I took myself to a&e Wednesday due to bad headaches which seemed to ease off Thursday eve. While I was there I had all my bloods, other small tests and a ct scan. They put it down to a migraine which would have been my first. It's now Sunday... although no pain

Weird sensation in my head
General cba mood

Is this normal? 3 days on. confused

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Wilmalovescake Sun 19-Jan-20 14:13:57

I think there’s a weird headache bug around at the moment. Several of us in my office have had it. Really bad crippling headaches for a week or so when we don’t usually get them.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 19-Jan-20 14:20:11

For your first yes it's normal my first migraine lasted over a week I felt like a huge ball of pain tethered outside of my body

Leakinglikeacolander Sun 19-Jan-20 14:24:14

I often feel like I've been hit by a train after running a marathon when I've had a migraine.
It's crap. Hope you start to feel better soon.

jessysu Sun 19-Jan-20 14:44:28

I have like pins and needles all over my face coming and going.

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ClownsandCowboys Sun 19-Jan-20 14:56:06

I think I've had that headache bug. I do get migraines and always have a sort of hangover from them. I feel tired, groggy, slightly 'out of it' for at least a day after.

opinionatedfreak Sun 19-Jan-20 16:13:39

No pins and needles post migraine here but I do feel “out of sorts”, tired and quite emotional for about 72 hours afterwards.

It is a thing - look up post migraine phenomenon.

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