Pulmonary embolism

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Guidanceseeker1 Thu 09-Jan-20 11:10:06

My dad died suddenly on December 30th . He had been unwell for 2 or 3 months previous. Kept going to GP who said it was a chest infection. Took 3 courses of antibiotics and was getting more breathless and in pain.
Chest xray showed a mark done in November , CT done in early December he never heard back before he died.

Should this have been picked up by someone before he died ?

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Emptyspacex Thu 09-Jan-20 12:16:55

Im so sorry to hear about your dad.
So terrible you never heard back from them.
When i had a PE it was picked up on blood test and CT scan. Im pretty sure it would have been detected on CT but you never know the clot might of been too small at the time. Did they not admit him to hospital for ct?

balletpanda Thu 09-Jan-20 12:28:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Vlcos Thu 09-Jan-20 13:52:28

Thanks both

I am not sure of the type I think it was a normal CT . He had a "mark" show up on an xray and was sent for the CT.

For 3 months he visited the GP with breathlessness and chest pain
His appointment for an ECG was cancelled.

He wasnt one to chase for results but i cant help but wonder if they had found it would be still be here. I guess the best thing would be to actually get the results of the CT and see if it showed in the first place.

Vlcos Thu 09-Jan-20 13:52:55

Sorry posted first post on different account

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