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Kevinthestick Thu 19-Dec-19 20:23:06

I'll be the first to admit that I'm under some super heavy stress right now but seem to be having some sort of weird tremor thing in my right hand. Quick google tells me I have Parkinson's (obvs hmm) and I will of course get to the docs if it continues but does anyone suffer with this? Might it be stress related and if it is, what helps you in the short term???

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Dreamersandwishers Thu 19-Dec-19 20:27:49

Could be stress. In my case it manifests as a tic in my eye. Try Rescue Remedy, lavender oil on a tissue. Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, sugar. If you have a dog, hug it.
See your gp.
Truly hope it is something simple 💐

Mumma1984 Thu 19-Dec-19 20:35:29

Google will always give you the worst! Could very well be stress or many other little things, something to do with a nerve etc - don't google just ask the doc if your worried, also Parkinson's isn't that common it's like 150,000 people in the UK (usually men over 50) ... think how many ppl there are in this country! Helps with any worry I find when I get anxious about an illness or symptom!

Claireshh Thu 19-Dec-19 20:37:24

My Mum had something called Essential tremor in one hand.

Seeline Thu 19-Dec-19 20:43:20

I was going to say essential tremor - my mum had it too.

Vgtasd Thu 19-Dec-19 20:45:28

My left hand tingled all day yesterday but stopped today, Dr Google told me I had kidney failure. Hope you are okay now op xxx

CustardT Thu 19-Dec-19 20:48:46

Could it be to do with low blood sugar?


wonkylegs Thu 19-Dec-19 21:02:29

I have a benign essential tremor which is made worse by stress and sometimes medication - I also have another long term condition and when this was causing me great stress and I was quite worn my tremor became extremely bad I couldn't hold a cup of tea without throwing it everywhere - I saw a neurologist & it was confirmed that it was nothing to worry about. It did subside once the stress died down and my medication was stabilised and only now mildly reappears at times of great stress & tiredness.

ViaSacra Thu 19-Dec-19 21:14:30

It could be just a tremor - a lot of people develop benign tremors as they get older. It’s not always indicative of a more serious problem.

If it is benign, but it’s causing you problems, you can take medication to control it - propranolol works well.

avocadochocolate Thu 19-Dec-19 21:58:23

Your muscles can shake if they are overused. My right index finger has a tremor the other day, but it was during a lengthy bout of playing games on my phone.

FloppyBiffAndChip Thu 19-Dec-19 23:07:37

Low sugar levels and/or high caffeine intake has done this to me once or twice in the past...

Oldmum55 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:31:30

Good to know there is something called Essential Tremor which I didn't know about. I had some in my right hand when under stress and anxiety so perhaps that's a trigger. I thought straight away of neurological problems.

Kevinthestick Fri 20-Dec-19 13:29:07

Thanks everyone. Unable to get into the docs for a week or so so am on the lavender oil and rescue remedy. It's not tremor-ing right now (is that even a word) so am keeping stress at bay as much as poss and will see how I get on - appreciate everyone's advice!

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Kevinthestick Fri 20-Dec-19 13:31:43

@Dreamersandwishers I have 4 dogs to hug, they're taking it in turns for hugs

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Dreamersandwishers Fri 20-Dec-19 13:52:21

Glad to hear they are taking care of you 😁

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