Costochondritis Diagnosis.. How were you diagnosed?

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HakunaMatataa Thu 19-Dec-19 18:10:41

Just that really. I'm (fairly) young and healthy. Not long had 2nd baby and I've been getting a tight chest with pain in my shoulder and arm on and off for a while.

Today I went to the GP who pushed a few places and listened to my chest and she diagnosed Costochondritis. This kind of makes sense due to the pain when she pushed on the cartilage where my breastbone is.

I just panic as the symptoms can feel like heart attack and I've not had an ECG or X-ray or anything. Maybe I just need reassurance. My heart rate was fine. BP on the low side.

Thanks in advance.

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Ohffs66 Thu 19-Dec-19 18:13:48

I had it in my 20s, horrible chest pains for a few days and that was what the doctor diagnosed, the same push to the chest as you describe was how she tested it. Took ibuprofen for a few days and never had it since. I'm sure you'll be fine flowers

clairethewitch70 Thu 19-Dec-19 18:16:29

I have chronic costochondritis. Tested by examination like you but was also told when having an ultrasound breast scan (cyst) that I had lots of inflammation in the region.

Wearenotyourkind Thu 19-Dec-19 18:23:24

Hi OP, you have my sympathy as I've had this a number of times. Diagnosed by GP once and hospital another time. Have you been advised to take/prescribed anti inflammatories? If so, make sure you take with/after food as can irritate your stomach (I the developed a stomach ulcer). Hope you feel better soon thanks

Shosha1 Thu 19-Dec-19 18:27:17

I have chronic costochonderitis. First time it lasted 18 months. Then about 4 months free. That was 2 years ago. Some days are better than others. A
As I'm in my late 50s I was sent for ECGs and had a camera put down my throat. Eventually had a scan which showed it up. I also have Lupus and Fibromyalgia

Goodnightjude1 Thu 19-Dec-19 18:33:00

I was mis diagnosed with costochondritis 8 years ago. Had excruciating chest pain that always started in my shoulders/back then went to my chest.
I’ve now spent the last 4 years having Botox injected in to my oesophagus as apparently the pain was due to spasms there!

HakunaMatataa Thu 19-Dec-19 18:33:40

Hi everyone..
I'm sorry to hear of you in pain!
I'm mid 20's so maybe that's why. A few months ago I was given an inhaler and antibiotics as GP said it was infection. And it keeps coming and going but I do have a chunk of a baby who is BF so alot of strain picking up ect.
She recommended taking paracetamol frequently and using ibuprofen gel both of which I had at home.
I'm sorry about the stomach ulcer! I have to be careful as they run in my family so I'm cautious about anti-inflammatories. Thank you smile

It's awful when its chest related because naturally you worry and I guess that can make it worse.

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newbingepisodes Thu 19-Dec-19 18:36:26

Yep me too! Must have had all the tests on my heart under the sun and finally got diagnosed with this! I also have sacroilitis as well.

NormHonal Thu 19-Dec-19 18:38:16

Mine had lingered for a few months after a really nasty and sudden chest infection. I went to see a physio and mentioned the discomfort so she had a prod and explained what it was. Subsequent trip to the GO confirmed it. Horrible feeling, and yes you do think you’re having a heart attack, but I’d been to the walk-in for the original chest infection (I was coughing up blood) so I knew I wasn’t.

Flossie44 Fri 20-Dec-19 18:16:36

I have it too. Comes and goes in times of stress and has done for years now. First diagnosed about 15yrs ago by GP. Then again when I got taken to hospital due to such severe chest pain. It’s been intermittent ever since.
I get it round the sides of my chest between my ribs and also on my sturnum. I touch the area and it’s a distinct pain.

Heat pads seem to help, as does brufen.

I hope it eases for you. It can be frightening too

VivaLeBeaver Fri 20-Dec-19 18:25:32

Dd was diagnosed with this, turned out it was coeliac disease and a hiatus hernia. She’s been fine since going gluten free and being on omneprazole.

Star8181 Sat 21-Dec-19 22:44:21

@VivaLeBeaver that’s really interesting - I’ve just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and I’ve had pain in my sternum for around 18 months, it constantly clicks and is really painful. Is there a link between costochondritis and coeliac? Im 99% sure that’s what I have but not mentioned it to the doctor yet as been so ill with other things this year!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 21-Dec-19 23:24:40

@star818. I don’t think there’s a link. I don’t think that dd has it, I think she was misdiagnosed. Saying that she does still get the chest pain but they saw a hernia on the endoscopy so now when she complains of the pain they say it’s the hernia.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 21-Dec-19 23:26:18

And she doesn’t get the pain nearly as much as she did, when she does it’s normally if she hasn’t taken her omneprazole for a while.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 21-Dec-19 23:29:06

Hmmm, this blog says there’s a link so maybe.

LilyPinkNoah Sat 21-Dec-19 23:32:04

I got it when my dad died I was in my 20s my GP said it was a grief reaction. It's painful OP.

Sleepyquest Sat 21-Dec-19 23:42:22

I had it in my early 20s, thought I was having a heart attack! Rushed to the hospital at 3am and was diagnosed by a doctor. He said it can be triggered by stress. I found heat patches and hot showers helped

Lifeisnotsimple Sun 22-Dec-19 20:28:24

I was diagnosed with this. I was having a burning sensation from around my back along the rib cage into my breast. I thought i had breast cancer. Dr toughed my ribs and i nearly jumped off bed. Since then it comes and goes but if i do heavy lifting its worse. Now its progressed to my breast bone and it gets really sore. Im lucky at the mo tho it comes and goes. If im anxious its also worse. Dr just told me to take normal painkillers.

Scotmummy91 Mon 28-Dec-20 20:43:37

Hi there, i know this is an old thread but wondered if anyone could tell me about their symptoms as I wonder if I have this. I've had tender ribs down either side for a while and this morning I happened to feel my bones underneath right breast and was in agony. I have intermittent chest pain on that side also. Many thanks.

peacypops Tue 29-Dec-20 15:47:20

I was diagnosed with costo a few years back (and still have mild symptoms sometimes now). For me it started with an aching ribcage on my left side just under my breast. The pain would sometime radiate through to my back. At first I thought maybe I had strained my ribs somehow but it just didn't go away. I had various blood tests and a chest xray but nothing showed up. I think the key thing with costo is that the pain can be felt more if pressure is placed on the ribcage. I suffered for quite some time with it and whilst it eventually became easier it hasn't completely gone away and I do have flare ups. Hope it starts to ease for you soon but do see your gp if you are concerned.

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