Asthma inhaler question

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Allfurcoatandnoknickers Thu 19-Dec-19 15:43:05

Anyone on Fostair for asthma here? I'm on x2 puffs twice a day and ventolin when needed. I seem to be using more ventolin at the moment and feel wheezy - not ill/chest infection wheezy, just wheezy.
I'm trying to get hold of my asthma nurse to discuss this further and see whether to go back to becotide, or whether I just need to up my Fostair. She did say to do x3 puffs a day which I am trying, but it's not having much effect so far....
Any experience?

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Allfurcoatandnoknickers Thu 19-Dec-19 17:20:20


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SirTobyBelch Thu 19-Dec-19 19:04:36

It is worth getting reviewed. It might be that you need a higher dose of beclometasone without needing a higher dose of formoterol, so having two separate inhalers rather than the combined one might be preferable. It's also more expensive, of course, but at this time of year you do need to be on top of your asthma control.

Allfurcoatandnoknickers Fri 20-Dec-19 06:29:04

Ok thanks- will try and get in touch with them again to get a review

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