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anyone elses toddler have eczema?

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myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-07 13:49:56

hi there all, DS has had bumpy rashes on his arms and legs for a while now (very minor) for which the HV prescribed him hydrous ointment (general emmolient) and called it "sensitive skin"

however over the last 5 days (with no changes to his routine - soap etc) it has flared up majorly all over his right arm, over his shoulder, under his armpit and right down this side of his chest! it is really angry and rough and bumpy. I knew straight of it was eczema as we have a strong family history (Dad, and 2 sister have it mildly, my brother has it serious and is just growing out of it at 17yrs old - he has been hospitalized on several occasions due to severity)and i knew the tell-tale look. GP has seen and confirmed this a.m. (i'm gutted ) and says he is to use NO soap products at all - has been given dermol 200 wash stuff, use hydrous ointment 3times a day - and for the next week hydrocortisone twice a day.

DS is 22mths tomoro - anyone else have a toddler with similar problem - and do i have any reason to worry about using this steroid cream?

sorry to ramble on - thank you

moljam Thu 23-Aug-07 13:57:52

my ds now 6 has had it since baby and ds2 20 months has it also.i use steroid cream only when its bad but weve found we can control it by only using fairy non bio washing powder,using dream was in bath and if hair needs washing blonde soap bar from lush and dream cream every morning and night.if we go swimming we use dream cream straight after shower.if i use anything different they flare up but there not really severe.ds1 had cradle cap very badly until recently which gp said was contected to ezcema

Quootiepie Thu 23-Aug-07 13:58:00

MY DS (17 months) has a similar problem. It has not been confirmed as eczema, a trip down the GP revealed it was dry skin and we were prescribed E45 but nothing has changed. He has started to scratch at it abit and nothing has helped so far. Cutting out baths did help it not to flare up so much though. DHs aunt whose son had it suggested Oilatum in the bath (4.99 in Sainsburys) but I guess it quite a mild thing just being on the shelf. I guess making sure all clothing is cotton can help? And putting on creams straight after a bath to lock in the most moisture.

Raspberrytable Thu 23-Aug-07 14:00:34

We have had E45, Aqueous and Diprobase. Have now got this waxy cream (can't remember the name will have to go and look) and bandages for night time. Smear this stuff on and cover with teh bandage and in the morning her skin is soft & healed.

slim22 Thu 23-Aug-07 14:01:29

poor thing.
Go to allergy thread and post again. lots of people in same case.
it's all trial and error before you you find treatment that suits you.
good luck.

One thing that seems to prevent flare ups: omegas and bioculture so feed him oily fish and live yogurt.

Use glyceryn soap fom health shops and NO mineral oils.
Nelsons calendula or evening primrose oil are good alternatives

take care

thebecster Thu 23-Aug-07 14:01:43

DS has it, so do I. We use Napiers Starflower Skin Cream - from Culpeppers shops, or online (but their online shop is closed at the mo for some reason...). It cut out our need for steroid creams. If we couldn't contain it with the Starflower cream then I'd use steroid cream, but I'd rather go the natural route if it works just as well... Which for us it seems to.

myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-07 14:04:15

sorry to jump on the pity wagon (not my usual style) but i'm totally gutted! i saw how much my brother suffered and i'm just really scared DS is going to go the same way - have been in denial up until now that he just had a "bit of a rash"

majorstress Thu 23-Aug-07 14:07:42

don't panic it isn't necessarily a life sentence. In most people this comes and goes even with the family history, and chances are your ds will be like that.

Follow drs orders, keep him cool (not hard around here in winter-time London). Long sleeves and trews if poss, to keep those nails out of it. Nails short and kept clean as poss.

My dd now 4 is much better now I just don't bath her as much, full stop. Going on holiday to my boiling homeland didn't help this month, I finally gave her a little hairbrush with tipped bristles to scratch with on our hot holiday and to my surprise she used it (less damaging if they really MUST scratch).

myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-07 14:11:35

he hasnt worked out the scrathcng thing yet thank goodness - but he had a whole cluster of insect bites a few weeks back on his leg (they were really itchy i can imagine) and he left them well alone too - so fingers crossed! i remember being able to hear my bro scratching from the next room!

Nip Thu 23-Aug-07 14:14:26

My DS has had it from birth too (now 16mo)we have tried (and still use) aveno, hydromol, Dermol 500, hydrocortizone, E45, Eunguentum, and a few others that i cannot remember right now.

I mentioned my worries about using steroid cream and my GP said she wouldnt prescribe it if she was worried about any effects. We use hydrocortizone ointment which is quickly gluey- but does do the job... but its an ongoing job and with our routine of creams its never ending!

myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-07 14:17:54

oh nip that sounds like a nightmare- sounds like your poor DS has it really bad!

DS has only been diagnosed today, and if it wasnt for what i saw when growing up, then i probably wouldnt worry too much - but these things stay with us and im worried this is the way DS will end up being!

slim22 Thu 23-Aug-07 14:35:11

try to stop worrying and make sure he does not turn into a worrier!
does not help
give live yogurt daily and lots of oily fish. non bio detergents, no soap etc....a good life hygiene is the best remedy in the long run.
good luck

bran Thu 23-Aug-07 14:47:53

I changed washing powder to Filetti and I found it made a big difference with ds. He has flare-ups if he wears clothes washed with biological powders.

I've found that Aveeno Overnight Itch Relief cream really helps cut down the scratching. I only use the steroid cream when he has a flare up, and then I use it twice a day until it improves. I find that the flare ups are quite bad but we can go for months with just moisturising twice a day between flare ups.

majorstress Thu 23-Aug-07 15:10:52

if he doesn't scratch that it a huge plus, my dd discovered the joy of scratching very young. Maybe it doesn't bother him that much, just looks nasty?

myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-07 15:15:51

i think it does bother him because he gets upset when i try and have a look at it, and at the GP's office, when the GP was touching it etc DS got distressed and wet himself! i just dont think he has discovered the scratch relieves the itch! probably wont be too long before he does though!

magsi Thu 23-Aug-07 15:21:09

My ds2 has it behind his knees and on hands etc. I didn't have any cream one day and I tryed Sudocrem, it worked a treat and don't use anything else now.....try it, you will be suprised

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