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Is there a max recommended Vitamin D level?

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Delatron Wed 27-Nov-19 10:50:28

Any experts know?

I’ve been using the Better You spray and just had my levels tested and they’ve come back at 154. The normal range is quoted as 80-150.

Should I back off?! I’ve had breast cancer and I know vitamin D is important following cancer.

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Bettertobehealthy Wed 27-Nov-19 14:46:57

Hi Delatron
Absolutely a good place to be ,

Actually ....up to 220 is normal, meaning that we find that level in SOME people that have been exposed to quite a lot sunlight .

So 154 is perfectly acceptable , especially since you mentioned in another thread that you have had BC.

IF you have any worries at all, you could measure your serum calcium . Hypercalcaemia is the only know toxic effect of overdose of Vit D . It is incredibly rare from that cause.
IF and only IF your calcium is over 2.5 mmol/L , then talk to the doc about it. 99.5% chance it won't be. !

Figures that are quoted as "normal" vary considerably from lab to lab. 50 -200 nmol/l is sometimes quoted as within guidelines as well.

IF you really wanted to adjust your level , just a bit , if you dropped by 200 IU per day , on average , then you would lose about 5 nmol/L , maybe a bit less. ( That means miss out 1 spray every 15 days. ) We are all different in our response, and also it is affected by how much sun we get ,what time of year, whether we eat many animal products with vit D in them, and also things like BMI , etc.

Personally , I myself , would be perfectly happy the way things are going. Especially if I had been on 3000 IU per day over 3 months or more. At that time, your measured level would have stabilzed , around your own 'normal' , for that dose.

In the medical literature , toxic effects of Vitamin D overdose , do NOT occur unless the blood level exceeds 500 nmol/L , or in persons taking over 30,000 IU PER DAY. It is a very safe supplement , in the correct doses. !

Hope that is helpful.


Delatron Wed 27-Nov-19 17:13:57

Ah thank you so much for taking the time to reply @Bettertobehealthy I really appreciate it.

That’s great news that it’s a a good level. There’s not much information out there on google. I guess going in to winter it’s good to be at the top levels of normal than lower. I just saw the 80-150 range and panicked slightly.

Yes, I think with my history of BC its even more important to stay topped up!

I think I’ll carry on with the spray I have and not worry if I miss a day or so every so often.

Thanks for all the work you do to spread the word on the benefits of vitamin D!

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