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Need the Name of a Nationwide Face to Face Counselling Service

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Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 14:21:09

This is for a college project; can anyone help? I'm not having much luck on the t'internet and was hoping to find something within the addiction/ youthwork field.


Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 14:34:31

Bump! Anybody???

MrsMarvel Tue 21-Aug-07 14:36:12

As long as it doesn't involve the word "kidz"

aloha Tue 21-Aug-07 14:37:21

The only one I know is Relate - different field. Other than that, the NHS offers counselling.

Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 14:37:34

LOL - no a real one, not a made up one!

yorkshirepudding Tue 21-Aug-07 14:38:16

Message withdrawn

Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 14:38:23

Not allowed Relate apparently! think tutor has an 'issue' there [winl]

Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 14:40:24

NA don't provide face to face counselling, it's a self help group with sponsors being the closest thing you get according to the internet.....

filthymindedvixen Tue 21-Aug-07 14:50:20

have a look on BACP website

aloha Tue 21-Aug-07 14:51:30

I honestly don't think there is one.

Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 14:54:18

Thanks all - anything on the BACP website will be bound by the BACP code of ethics/ ethical framework and I need something with it's own ethical framework. Oh well, shall go back to the drawing board!

SpookyMadMummy Tue 21-Aug-07 15:06:59

connexions youth service? Its national with branches that cover all sorts of youth problems.... although it offers a phone/email/txt service I think they also do one to one in their branches?

filthymindedvixen Tue 21-Aug-07 15:07:10

I can't think of any national f2f counselling service...apart from relate. Oh what about Cruse! (bereavement)

filthymindedvixen Tue 21-Aug-07 15:08:19

yes, connexions offer face 2 face. it's for 13-25-yr-olds. But in our area, they have changed to TRAX and cannot offer counselling service due to cutbacks.

Rhubarb Tue 21-Aug-07 15:08:59

Ring a homeless hostel and ask them. They might have places that they refer people too.

Or ask Pete Docherty's agent.

aloha Tue 21-Aug-07 15:09:43

The Compassionate Friends offer 'visiting' and 'support' - would that count as 'counselling'?

filthymindedvixen Tue 21-Aug-07 15:11:17

here, cruse do counselling

aloha Tue 21-Aug-07 15:11:20

Sands (stillbirth and neonatal death) charity also offers 'befrienders'. Woudl that count?

Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 15:12:39

at Rhubarb! Thanks all.

Good ideas - will try both of those two now!

Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 15:14:42

Tried Cruse, no one ever answers the phone but will keep trying, also tried MIND but no one has got back to me as yet.
I wanted to try the addiction thing; can't believe there isn't a nationwide agency for counselling!

Blu Tue 21-Aug-07 15:15:28

The THT? (Terence Higgins TRust) They have a youth division
Brook ?

SpookyMadMummy Tue 21-Aug-07 15:19:05

Eating disorders association?

Wisteria Tue 21-Aug-07 15:30:19

oooh thank you

<Wisty furiously firing off emails>

joesmama Wed 22-Aug-07 19:21:27


Samaritans offer face to face conversations in most branches. Here's a link to their site:

Good Luck

hellobello Wed 22-Aug-07 21:56:00

Womens Aid can probably help. You can contact them through their website. They were going to help a family member locally.

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