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Pelvic floor dysfunction/Prolapse /Or any ideas?

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MardyGrass Wed 20-Nov-19 19:13:10

I have a whole host of strange symptoms .
Starting to wonder if I have some kind of prolapse or pelvic floor dysfunction.
I have lumber back ache
I am terribly windy which is at times uncontrollable much to my children's delight.
Slightly constipated.
Pelvic lower abdominal pain which comes and goes and could be described as a dragging sensation.
Nothing untoward to see on the under carriage
Had smear this year- fine,
Seen GP had CA125 done - normal.
Been going on for approx. 3-4 months.
Any ideas?
If you had pelvic dysfunction/prolapse what were your symptoms?
I am back to GP this week and just looking for some pointers.
Oh and I am 49 perimenopausal 2 c sections not overweight but not fit in a sporty way - wee bit of yoga and pilates.

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Deecaff Wed 20-Nov-19 20:50:36

I am v similar to you in age and symptoms and medical history - albeit i am a bit overweight. Have a GP appt later this week too. I don't have the symptoms all the time, but yesterday did some digging in the garden and this set off not just back ache, but bloating and weird sensation in pelvic / lower abdomen region. I feel it's likely i have some kind of prolapse - will see what they say.

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