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Should I go back to the GP

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Pumpkinandpeas Sun 17-Nov-19 08:05:45

Long story short, fell ill 8 weeks ago now.
4 weeks ago after coughing, tight chest, breathlessness and rapid pulse I rang 111 and was taken into the local A&E department a chest xray later showed infection in the right lung.

So I took the 7 days of November by the 5th of November I'm feeling ill again very heavy chest rapid heart rate again. Visited GP he said lung was crackling and prescribed the same antibiotics again as the first lot did take away symptoms initially. Finished 2nd lot of antibiotics on the 12th and by the 15th my chest has again started to feel heavy, I'm coughing again, producing phlegm again.

I'm unsure what to do now I feel like I'm wasting their time by going for a 3rd set of antibiotics. 8 weeks of coughing has got me worn out sad

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Pumpkinandpeas Sun 17-Nov-19 08:06:41

*took 7 days of antibiotics

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Awrite Sun 17-Nov-19 08:08:02

Yes, go back. Higher dose or different ones might be prescribed.

healthylifestylee Sun 17-Nov-19 08:08:52

Back to the gp

This can happen. It's often easier to repress five antibiotics if you say they think they were working and just didn't clear it completely that to put you on new antibiotics.
It's also about how your body can react and to fill your system with 2 different types of antibiotics without confirmation they will work

They can do a sputum sample at that can give a result of the best antibiotics to treat it

Pumpkinandpeas Sun 17-Nov-19 08:13:23

Thank you both. Just feeling so fed up it just never seems to be ending sad hopefully be seen tomorrow.

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ChasingRainbows19 Sun 17-Nov-19 08:18:24

Maybe you need a sputum sample to check the a/b are actually the right ones for the infection you have.

Abkbjbjb Sun 17-Nov-19 08:19:40

You poor thing! Yes most definitely go back to the drs-same thing happened to me last Christmas, I didn't want to bother the dr a third time but I could hardly get a breath, felt so lethargic and kept getting temperature. Went back and she picked up crackling in my lungs and they put me on a high dose of steroids for 5 days and that completely cleared it. Hope you get sorted x

Frogsdinner Sun 17-Nov-19 08:23:56

Could you see a OOH gp today?

Elieza Sun 17-Nov-19 09:43:25

Defo go back tomorrow and get this sorted. Sounds like the meds never killed the bugs completely and they bred and multiplied and built up again in your system and need bumped off again with other or stronger meds.

If your symptoms are worse than before and you can’t wait go to OOO doctor today but your gp should be the first port of call unless you are really ill.

FaithInfinity Sun 17-Nov-19 09:48:56

If you’re producing phlegm and feel that ill, I would call 111 to see if you can get seen in OOH today.

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