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Ears- will I be wasting the GP's time?

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RedPoppiesAndSpots Wed 13-Nov-19 17:16:15

DS 12yo has had an ear infection. Fever, lots of pain, taking himself off to bed. After about 3 days I took him to the OOH GP
(c10 days ago)...GP said wait and see, probably viral but if not better in 2-3 take back to GP.

Saw GP a week ago. Got steroid/antibiotic drops to use for 5-7 days These have cured the pain for DS but he is very, very hard of hearing. Very. Finding school a real struggle. Very tired of saying pardon/sorry/what for everything.

Both GPs commented on how narrow DS's ear canals are.

Spoke to the pharmacist today - she said that as we have done the 7 day dose and DS is still very deaf we should go back to the GP. Can they do anything - are we not just wasting the GPs time and just got a waiting game? Just don't want to seem like a PITA going back for the 3rd time. There is improvement - but just no hearing!

Any thoughts?

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Georgina678 Wed 13-Nov-19 19:56:04

If it’s wax build up causing the deafness, then he can have his ears syringed by a nurse or HCA at the surgery - he’ll need to have been putting olive oil in his ears every night for a week before this.

If it’s not wax, then I’ll imagine he’ll have to be referred on to audiology.

Either way, I would make another GP appointment.

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