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Gastro Consultant London/Kent

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Wilberforce1 Mon 11-Nov-19 12:26:32

Hi. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a gastro consultant who works in either London or Kent? We have private health with Axa so hopefully they will be covered by them.

I had my gallbladder out back in March and I still have all of the symptoms but with added pain and diarrhoea whenever I eat certain foods. I've been back to my original consultant 3 times now but he just assured me that the operation went well and suggested the pain must be muscular from the op, completely ignoring the fact that I had the pain before the op! After another bout of diarrhoea this morning and pain I've had enough 😫

If anyone has any recommendations that would be great.


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LarkDescending Mon 11-Nov-19 13:48:08

Dr Andrew Thillainayagam at the London Clinic. But check with your insurers - his consultation rates are over what some of them will cover.

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