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What on Earth is this?!

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brainache78 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:59:43

I woke up this morning with red circles on me. I have one on my face 😫, two on my upper chest, one on my leg and two on my back. All on the right hand side of my body.

They are not itchy, have no lumps or scales and the skin isn't broken.


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brainache78 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:06:51

Bumping because it's freaking me out a bit!

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Sexnotgender Sun 27-Oct-19 09:14:54

All on the same side makes me think shingles but not sure if they look like shingles.

FlowersInThePot Sun 27-Oct-19 09:17:47

Looks like Pityriasis rosea to me

PrincessSarene Sun 27-Oct-19 09:18:06

That’s not shingles (which shows up as lots of little bumps, usually blistery). I would have said maybe bites with a reaction but can’t see anything in the centre of the blobs?

HeatedDryer Sun 27-Oct-19 09:18:32


brainache78 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:20:58

I've had ringworm before and it had a ring around the outside. I don't think it's that. It's just weird.

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brainache78 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:22:08

I've also had pirityasis rosea before - but it was all over my chest and looked a bit different. Although it could be. I've been pretty tressed and that's an autoimmune response, isn't it?

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tinselvestsparklepants Sun 27-Oct-19 09:41:09

If this was me they would be bites, because oddly it usually takes at least 12 hours with me to go from wouldn't know it was there unless I saw it pink bite to massively itchy pink bite.

brainache78 Sun 27-Oct-19 10:11:59

I'm pretty sure they aren't bites.
I don't usually have reactions to insect bites at all. And it isn't itchy, just flat and red.

I reckon it's just my immune system playing silly beggars again. I get alopecia too when I'm stressed, so my body has form for attacking me when I'm down!

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brainache78 Sun 27-Oct-19 12:08:49

I've seen two pharmacists. They agree it isn't fungal, is unlikely to be an allergy, isn't any sort of bite... likely to be a virus or an autoimmune thing.

So I still don't know...

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