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Aerophagia / hyperventilation syndrome

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minesadecaf Thu 10-Oct-19 19:33:04

Am I the only one in the world with both of these because I sure feel like it. Totally subconsciously I overbreathe and over swallow leading to daily bloating and breathlessness. I'm talking 8months pregnant level of bloating. This has been going on for ten years.

I've seen: gastroenterologists, physiotherapists for breathing control, chest consultants (also asthmatic), I've had cbt.

I get daily pain on my left hand side where the stomach rubs against the diaphragm from being so distended. This ranges from a mild nuisance to genuine cardiac concern level of pain.

It's totally habitual and normal for me I don't know different. I experience air hunger so I sigh/take a deep breath/gulp all the time. The air traps in my back, shoulders, chest, stomach. A chest X-ray couldn't even see my lungs for gas instead and an ultrasound of my stomach had to be cancelled as they couldn't see anything.

It's seriously getting me down. I take simeticone, peppermint etc like smarties. I ironically drink coke at breakneck speed to make me burp.

Does anyone out there have any ideas to help? At 31, I've spent a third of my life like this already.

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