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Sohololopopo Wed 02-Oct-19 19:43:44

I’m young I have a pile.

It’s huge. I’ve been to the doctors and they say to use a cream. Anusol it doesn’t work.

I’ve used germoloid suppositories and cream. It’s still huge. They will not take it off with a band. I’m at my wits end. It’s disgusting.

I’ve just looked at it and i could cry. It really is big -huge. the doctor said it wasn’t that big she’s clearly fucking lying.

Can anyone please recommend anything? I need an industrial type of cream/suppository

Yes I know it’s disgusting I never in one million years expected to suffer with them at this age. I’m just so bloody sick.

If anyone has any advice it would be welcomed. I’ve name changed because of the shame. I’m very active on here.

I have no one I wish to discuss this with in-depth none of my friends have had one and think I’m bonkers.

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faelavie Thu 03-Oct-19 01:49:09

First of all I wouldn't be worried about talking about a pile on MN. I know you're young but many mums have had them especially due to pregnancy and such. They're pretty common!

If you've used suppositories and cream as directed in the long term and it hasn't budged, there's not much else you can put on it if your GP won't refer you for removal.
Anusol suppositories are usually great but you do have to use them a fair amount to see an improvement!
Otherwise it's back to the GP I'm afraid.

Make sure you're getting plenty of soluble fibre in your diet and do not strain when you go to the loo.

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