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Seven year old vomiting and soiling.

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LadyJaneGrey56 Sat 21-Sep-19 22:10:12

Hi! Could anybody suggest what (if anything) this might be and how we can help?

Ds is 7. He's always struggled with toileting but seemed to improve. However, in the last year we have regular soiling incidents (most days, sometimes twice a day) where small amounts of poo come out without him being aware. He always seems surprised. Not constipated though as he's doing normal bm in between.
He also has regular bouts of vomiting (maybe once every two weeks) these vary between a small amount of sick on one occasion and being sick 4 or 5 times until his stomach is empty. He never seems unwell during these episodes so it doesn't seem like a bug.
He complains regularly of tummy pain and nausea but not sure if this is anxiety/avoidance.

We've been to the doctor and referred to the continence team but I feel everybody is brushing it off as behavioural. Could there be a physical cause and if so, any suggestions? Thanks.

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Brenna24 Sat 21-Sep-19 22:12:01

IBS, coeliac, Crohn's, lactose intolerance?

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