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Post pandrial hypotension

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MeggyMeg Mon 16-Sep-19 23:02:38

Does anyone know anything about this?

I had a bit of a funny turn today after going out for lunch with a friend of mine. We had a few glasses of wine, pizza and a pudding and I suddenly felt like I was going to black out. My friend helped me up and apparently sat me down nearby but I don't remember it. I recovered pretty quickly and I am fine now. It definitely wasnt due to drink. We were sharing a bottle of wine and there was still loads left. I think it is post pandrial hypotension,but all the websites talk about it being an elderly persons thing. I am 45 so not quite old age. confused

My BP is fine 120/80. I have also read it can be caused by hypothyroidism or diabetes. I don't think I have either. I'm going to see the doctor on Friday but just wondered if anyone might have some more information.

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Footle Tue 17-Sep-19 21:03:52

No info except the word is post prandial which means after dinner.

Oldmum55 Tue 17-Sep-19 21:49:50

MeggyMeg it can happen just like you describe. In susceptible people many things can trigger a fainting/near fainting episode: a meal especially if heavy, being in a hot room, even going to the loo. I had a couple of these episodes over the years. But it's regarded as harmless just your vagus nerve over reacting. And it doesn't just happen to old people. Good that you are having it checked with your GP.

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