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Migraine sufferers: anyone got any amusing / awful anecdotes?

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Bouquetsofdynomite Wed 08-Aug-07 18:07:57

I've had 4 in the last 3wks, quite out of the blue so I feel the need to share the pain! Just thought we could cheer each other up with horrid tales - is there always someone worse off than you or can you prove you've had the worst luck? You know - went through your wedding day with a migraine or something.

womba1 Wed 08-Aug-07 18:17:56

I suffer really badly with tunnel vision and disturbed vision during the midst of a migraine attack. And i only get a migraine when i'm really stressed about something.

So, picture me at the age of 17...waiting to be called for my driving test! I started getting the flashing lights, black slug like creatures crawling across my eye line and i could only see what was directly in front of me.

God knows why, but i didn't want to tell the examiner i couldn't see, i took the entire test with one eye closed fully and the other, kind of squinting!!

I passed though, and i celebrated by spending 3 days in bed!

AlistairSim Wed 08-Aug-07 18:34:20

I had one a couple of weeks ago.

Never had one with visual disturbances before.

Thought it was pre-eclampsia.

Called midwife in a panic.

Still feel a fool but glad I didn't call an ambulance.

Bouquetsofdynomite Wed 08-Aug-07 20:56:37

Well done Womba1!
I remember having one at school once and while waiting in class for my mum to pick me up I kept jumping out of my skin. Basically my hand and mouth had gone numb and everytime my finger went near my mouth (lifelong nailbiter) it felt like someone else's finger! I also entertained the class repeatedly missing the pencil I was trying to pick up off the floor with tunnel vision.
My sympathetic teacher said he'd once had to take a whole class of rowdy 5th years without revealing the fact he was completely blind with a migraine.

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