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gp said last week that dd had "Nothing wrong with her chest/throat"...well guess what!

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PinkChick Tue 07-Aug-07 14:54:57

had to take her back today, shes now had this awful chesty cough for 10-11 days and doc said she has a chest infection!...she also picked up on what other gp(well actually first time was nurser practitioner, you need a £1000000 to get to see a doc here these days!) had said that dd had one tonsil slightly dd has to go back when we get back of hol for them to check out and may have to have some tests inc blood tests..with possibility of having tonsils out..she never has bad throats or bad chests before this..amd so with them and for dd

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 07-Aug-07 14:59:53

I'd be cross about the tonsil thing - but don't be too cross about the chest infections.

DS1 used to get a chest infection every time he got a cold until he was about 3yrs old. As he got older I used to look out for the signs of the infection and drag him along the the Dr.s (I was on first names terms with pratically everyone who worked there by the time we moved house, and Dr.s LOL). On one occasion as he was "growing out" of them I took him along and Dr. listened to his chest......was told he was ok this time no chest infection just a bad cough.

A few days later I took him back and he did have a chest turns out that the bad cough had simply taken a bit longer than usual to change into the infection - which is why he (same Dr.) hadn't picked it up a few days before.

Hope your DD is better soon.

PinkChick Tue 07-Aug-07 15:03:37

i know what you mean but its ALL THE TIME at this surgery, i always know ill have to go back a couple of days later and only then will any prob be diagnosed properly??dont know why?

am worried about the tonsil tho as like i say shes neevr been bad with them apart from once last christmas?..i was always ill with them as a child and had them out when i was 11, dont want her to have to haev that done..can yous tay in with them these days?, given that shes only 4?

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 07-Aug-07 15:05:21

ahh if it happens I lot then I would be cross - think I only ever had 2 instances where I wasn't happy with their handling of his constant chest infections (thank goodness he's grown out of it and DS2 never suffered from them..........have to wait and see about DS3).

PinkChick Tue 07-Aug-07 15:11:24

must have been awful for you..hope the LO is ok and clear of them tho?

yeah they always do this since she was born, only time i ever got any joy was when we moved to diff area and changed doc!, they werefab, but since moveing back ehre, same old same old

hennipenni Tue 07-Aug-07 17:23:36

Hi pinkchick, if she has to have a tonsillectomy it is normally done under daycase and yes you can stay with her.

When my DD had grommets and adenoids removed a few weeks ago there were a couple of LOs who were having tonsills out, they seemed to recover quickly once they'd got over the fear of eating toast!

PinkChick Tue 07-Aug-07 20:15:02

hi hennipenni, thanks for that..when i went in age 11(and overweight) i had to have needle to knock me out being bigger and i was in over night, then anotehr cos my temp was didnt want that!..thanks for the reassurance

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