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2mo PP ... PPCM? Anemia? Freaking out

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Sruelz Wed 21-Aug-19 20:50:59

Hi im 2 months postpartum and ive been experiencing some worrysome symptoms

At 6 weeks postpartum check up I mentioned to my dr that i was suddenly waking up to slightly swollen hands and feet
He said could be normal swelling up to 3 mos PP

So i brushed it off

But ive since still been having swelling, daily headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea that comes after being lightheaded, and have noticed my heart beating faster when lying flat on back, started feeling a heaviness in chest and throat too

I was told at WIC appt that i was slightly anemic from a blood draw that took place before i gave birth so they said my numbers were probably even lower after the birth... have not had any new blood draws

Ive been googling symptoms and ive come across ANEMIA, PPCM which im terrified it could be, or i might just be giving myself anxiety 😭😭

Anyone experience anything like this before?

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