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**TMI** period/blood clots

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youvegottobekidding Wed 07-Aug-19 21:56:20

I came on yesterday, after delaying my period for around a week, using norethisterone(sp). I have, since this morning had severe stomach cramps & backache, I feel like I am being ripped apart in my abdominal area. I never really suffer from period pains as such, just a dull ache.

After going to the toilet earlier today, I wiped myself & was shocked to see a rather large, what I can only assume bloodclot. About 3 inches in size, I took a photo. I’ve never had anything like that before.

I managed to get in to see a gp, and showed him the photo. Although he agreed it was rather large, he didn’t seem too concerned & I was the one who suggested it could be because I delayed my period, other than that he didn’t really give any explanation of what or why it could be happening!

I feel ok in myself, I’m just in agony. I’ve passed another clot since, but only a small bit. I’m guessing it’s probably just normal?

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PenguinsRabbits Thu 08-Aug-19 02:50:42

No medical background so best to seek professional advice but if there's any chance you could be pregnant however remote I would do a test to rule out miscarriage / see if any chance of ectopic pregnancy.

Mine was due to fibroids and regularly had 2 inch clots. Harmless but gave lots of irregular bleeding, heavy periods and clots and eventually had one removed with a small op, other couldn't be removed.

If you continue to be in pain which appears at an abnormal level go back to GP, maybe a different one.

PenguinsRabbits Thu 08-Aug-19 02:54:48

If you are anywhere near menopause age periods start going haywire a few years before and change.

Lweji Thu 08-Aug-19 03:38:11

Try the highest allowed dose of ibuprofen.
It should sort out most of the pain and reduce the clots.
It's normal in heavy periods.

youvegottobekidding Thu 08-Aug-19 12:18:45

Thanks for the replies. Update today, I feel a bit better, don’t feel in as much pain & haven’t passed and more clots. I’m mid 40’s so it’s not impossible that I could be heading towards to menopause.

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