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Protecting yourself from measles without vaccines?

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KingsBognor Wed 07-Aug-19 00:04:36

Before anyone tells me to get a vaccination- I can’t.
To my horror I’ve just discovered my Mum didn’t get me vaccinated for measles and now I’m on immunosuppressants, so I can’t get it done. I’m a bit paranoid about going through an airport / on a plane now that measles outbreaks seem to be more common. Does anyone know if anti-bac wipes would kill the measles virus too? (Hopefully that’s not a stupid question as they are not called anti-virus wipes...)

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SuperLoudPoppingAction Wed 07-Aug-19 00:08:43

Can you be tested for antibodies?

The only thing I can think of is those face masks tourists sometimes wear.

And keeping away from unimmunised people and busy areas.

I'm so sorry you weren't immunized against it when you should have been.
Hope someone comes along with sensible suggestions.

ShadowLine Wed 07-Aug-19 00:09:44

I’ve no idea about the wipes, but given that it spreads through coughs and sneezes, wipes wouldn’t be enough to prevent infection by themselves anyway.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Wed 07-Aug-19 00:10:23 hnig within 6 days of exposure.

ShadowLine Wed 07-Aug-19 00:13:06

Also, as I understand it, someone with immune deficiencies is more vulnerable to measles whether they’ve been vaccinated or not.
So while you’re understandably upset about not being vaccinated as a child, that actually may not make much difference in your case.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Wed 07-Aug-19 00:15:23 this talks about good hand hygiene helping so antibacterial liquid when handwashing is impossible but good handwashing for preference.

But it also talks about nurses talking through with patients whether they know anyone immune compromised and then contacting that person.
So hopefully you would be informed in time for hnig.

That's assuming people in your life know about your being vulnerable

KingsBognor Wed 07-Aug-19 00:26:55

@SuperLoudPoppingAction I had no idea about HNIG, that certainly is reassuring to know about if I knowingly am exposed. I have rheumatoid arthritis so all my family do know and I’ve felt able to tell the nurse at work who gives me the heads up about infections (typically tends to be shingles). Thanks- both the links are really useful.
@ShadowLine I didn’t realise that at all. Wow. In my Mum’s defence she was having quite a nightmare life at that point. I forgive her!

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ineedaholidaynow Wed 07-Aug-19 00:28:35

As an aside depending on the age of the OP she might not have been immunised against measles anyway. I have had rubella vaccination but not measles or mumps ones.

KingsBognor Wed 07-Aug-19 00:40:04

@ineedaholidaynow Yes- I’m too old to have had the MMR but measles & mumps vaccinations were standard when I was born. I actually had German measles (rubella) as a child but I’m sure I was vaccinated as a teenager against that.

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PeachMoon Wed 07-Aug-19 00:53:30

Good hand hygiene should always be practised, especially if you are immunocompromised. However please know that measles is also airborne, and can remain in the air for several hours after an infected person has left the room/area. It’s also contagious for a few days before the person has any symptoms. I would seriously consider one of those surgical masks if travelling while immunocompromised.

PeachMoon Wed 07-Aug-19 00:57:58

About the masks though, I’m not entirely sure of their effectiveness, maybe worth talking through with your doctor/specialist before travel?

KingsBognor Wed 07-Aug-19 02:49:02

@PeachMoon Thanks- yes, I will ask about the masks. I’m sure it must be possible to get more effective ones. One of the places I want to go to is Japan, so I wouldn’t even look out of place wearing one!

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Nat6999 Wed 07-Aug-19 03:12:04

My ex husband has been immunosuppressed as part of his MS treatment, when the treatment stopped, he had to be vaccinated again for everything. I don't know if this will apply to you.

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