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Pre op ECG test abnormal RBBB found

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Tensun15 Tue 06-Aug-19 13:57:11

Had a pre op assessment done this morning and the ECG test picked up an abnormality.. Right Bundle Branch Block.

But gutted that it might delay my tonsils out and will keep suffering with tonsillitis..., but glad In a way that now I'll be referred to a cardiologist.. but pretty scared!!

Has anyone had this??

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NoCauseRebel Tue 06-Aug-19 14:04:27

No personal experience but I have significant heart conditions and have spent numerous weeks in hospital on a coronary ward where such conditions as yours are common.

Referral to a cardiologist is a positive step, and while this may delay your surgery it’s the right move as if your heart gets into trouble while under an anaesthetic the risks of serious complications are higher, and they will likely be keen to avoid that.

Likely they will call you in for an angiogram where they put a line into either your groin or your arm (differs depending on the area they’re looking at) so they can see the extent of the blockage. At that point they may be able to fit a stent which is like a little tube to open up the artery and allow easier blood flow.

These procedures are extremely common and would generally only mean a couple of days in hospital. Where I was there were patients who had had stents fitted twenty plus years ago and were only just now going back for other issues (not necessarily related).

Borntobeamum Tue 06-Aug-19 14:34:56

I have Left Bundle Branch Block and my cardiologist isn’t too concerned. I have no signs or symptoms and it was picked up at a new patient health check. They were pretty shit hot as they also picked up colon cancer. Thank for we moved house and doctors!

Tensun15 Tue 06-Aug-19 18:48:59

Thankyou for your replies.. makes me feel less scared.
Just have to remain positive and be thankful if something isn't right then at least it's been picked up.

My GP didn't seem too concerned.

Hopefully will get an appointment soon.

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