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Preventative/risk-reducing mastectomy experiences?

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StayOutOfTheForest1 Sun 04-Aug-19 20:32:06

Hello all,

Planning this surgery (immediate reconstruction with implants) in the next few months due to BRCA1 gene. Would be grateful if anyone could share their experiences/answer a few questions as I'm very nervous about it. I'm aware some of these questions are quite niche but hopefully will find people who have been in a similar situation.

How long did you have to stay in hospital/did you have to have lots of follow up appointments to get drains out etc?

If you have any mental health issues/anxiety did you get any help from the hospital to get through it all?

How long did you have off work/how long before you could drive etc.

I have a 1 year old, how did you manage childcare/recovery with a small child/children? If you went on to have more children after, how long did you have to wait post-surgery to get pregnant and how did you handle not being able to breastfeed/people asking you about breastfeeding?

Did you decide to keep your nipples and why or why not? I can't decide on this one! Leaning towards getting rid and getting tattoos but not 100% sure.

Thank you so much

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