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Rosie92 Wed 10-Jul-19 22:35:08

Hi I'm the biggest worrier ever and would just like some advice or a listening ear.
As a child I had asthma, maybe 2-3 attacks, and touch wood haven't had an attack since I was 7 ( am now 27 ).
Haven't taken any asthma medication in all that time.
Basically the last two weeks I've had a chest infection and am on antibiotics and steroids, my oxygen levels are good at 98%. But I'm stuck with this lingering cough.
Can your oxygen levels be good with asthma?

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Egghead68 Thu 11-Jul-19 06:09:17

Yes they can. I have severe asthma and my SATS are 95%+.

If your cough continues to linger after the infection has gone then you will need to see the GP as it could be a return of your asthma. However hopefully it is just part of the infection and will clear up (though this can take a while).

You have my sympathies - chest infections are horrible.

Rosie92 Sun 14-Jul-19 14:50:47

How do you know when you have an asthma flare up? What are your symptoms?

I've been back to my gp, who has said my oxygen sats are good at rest and whilst walking, no wheeze, and chest is clear.

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