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has anybody heard of a homeopathic remedy called CHINA 1

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starshaker Fri 27-Jul-07 14:42:13

dd has had a dodgey tummy for 3 days her nappies are always full and very smelly. my grandad said this was ment to be good for this kind of thing. has anybody heard of it or ever used it

starshaker Fri 27-Jul-07 15:50:28


casbie Fri 27-Jul-07 16:05:45

i wouldn't use any remedies on a babies that i didn't know the ins and outs of.

if baby has a running bottom, then depending on how old the baby is and whether breastfed, there are more simple remedies that homeopathic ones.

ie. bf baby at 6mths. answer : bf continually without other foods taken. try to give direct from the breast rather than from a bottle (as bottles can breed germs if not used accurately). don't give water (also can upset babies tum) and mother to avoid spicy food, alcohol, smoking/drugs.

baby is 24mths. answer : give cooled boiled water to drink (no other drinks). try giving brown bread, porridge, fresh fruit (no orange juice) etc to help 'clean' her system. make sure she washes her hands after using the toilet/potty.

if your having real problems ask your midwife/GP/health visitor.

starshaker Sat 28-Jul-07 09:51:13

she is 2 and have been to the doctors. they said to make sure she was drinking plenty (she wouldnt let u not give her plenty to drink. her fav word is juice) her wee bum is red raw and they have given me cream for this but thts all.

casbie Mon 30-Jul-07 08:58:43

avoid futher tummy upsets by not giving orange juice or squashes. just give water for drinks.

unfortuneately, if you've already been to the docs, you might just need to wait till it passes.

avoiding highly manaufactured foods and those that are highly acidic, and it should get better quicker.

also, if baby has been bf, cowes milk can also irritate so avoid and use soya spread etc.

- my son i've found is allergic to peanut butter - perhaps allergic to palm oil - and he was ill for along time (8mths to a year). due to a process of elminiation we found that out. consider what could be irriating your babies digestive system. good luck.

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