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Did I affect baby?

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Hhjjbgyuuhvj24 Mon 27-May-19 07:41:41

Hello there,
Sorry if this is in the wrong board but I can't seem to find a newborn board to start a thread on.

My baby is over 2 weeks old and is already trying to support her own head. After breastfeeding I went to pick her up over my shoulder, at which point she decided to throw her head forward, I went to stop it with my thumb but it dug into her neck and she made this horrible puking sound.

I was just wondering if anyone had done anything like this and if I may have caused any damage to her neck or anything in her neck.
She didn't cry so I don't think it hurt

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BusterGonad Wed 29-May-19 06:34:30

I expect you just caught her funny, and jabbed her windpipe. If all is well then don't worry.

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