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Question for psoriasis sufferers please

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coffeehabit Fri 24-May-19 22:48:08

Hi my DH has had psoriasis for 40 years which started after his father died.

I am interested to find out if you attribute the start of your psoriasis to an emotional or physical trauma?

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LuannC Fri 24-May-19 23:03:48

I don't have psoariasis, my DM and a friend of mine has too. I don't know the answer to your queatiob, however...
DM (60s) said she noticed hers not long after she was diagnosed with diabetes at age 13. Which is coincidenly when her df was having an affair too. However its flared up and down over the years, a good medicated shampoo helped her so she didn't look like she had bad dandruff (head & shoulders made it itch more) and her knees, elbows and ears are much better thanks to cetraben and aqueous cream. She only has a small patch on legs which look like eczema now.
My friend (40s) has always been open and aid Shes had hers as long as she can remember but she can't remember her parents separating. Maybe it is trauma related

NaToth Sat 25-May-19 14:34:13

Mine started just after a nasty chest infection, when I was in my thirties.

woohootoyou Sat 25-May-19 15:55:16

Mine started when I was 16 - it just gradually appeared. My Nana said her auntie had it. Mine cleared up for a whole year when my partner and I split up (stressful time) then came back when we got back together (non-stressful time!)

My DH says I'm a human barometer - I get flare ups when the weather changes, then it settles down then flares up again when it next changes.

woohootoyou Sat 25-May-19 15:56:28

The consultant I used to see said it was unstable as the standard treatments didn't work for me.

imsorryiasked Sat 25-May-19 15:59:11

DH's psoriasis is definitely worse when he's stressed / unwell.

coffeehabit Sat 25-May-19 19:01:38

Barometer indeed! And topsy turvy smile

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Bluesheep8 Sun 26-May-19 07:47:04

I started with it in my late 20s. I was diagnosed with MS at 25. Some say there's a link between the two. But yes, stress and fatigue exacerbate mine.

RangerLady Sun 26-May-19 07:56:42

I got it at 15 after a strep throat infection. When not highly medicated these infections always cause flare ups. I used to say stress didn't affect it as I sailed through a levels and a degree, moving house etc with no additional flare ups. Turns out these things are easy for me and when I met real stress (ttc, having a non sleeping baby and being bullied out of a job) it was the worst it's ever been. I do have a very bad case though, one if the worst my dermatologist has seen apparently sad

jollyohh Sun 26-May-19 14:44:16

Mine started 20 odd years ago after a bereavement. It's definitely been a barometer for my emotional health over the years.

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