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Splinter removal

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fblake Wed 22-May-19 19:22:22

Hi there

Any tips on how to get a splinter out please? My DS (4 years old) has one in his thumb which hurts and any tips on removing it easily would be most welcomed.

Thank you 😊

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Laughsandgiggles Wed 22-May-19 19:28:51

I read a good tip on here...

Use a syringe (like the calpol one) with the pointy end cut off. Push plunger down before you start, position over area and then draw plunger back to suction out the splinter. Easier than tweezers and squirmy fingers.

I'm sure someone else will come along and explain it much better than me.

MrsJDornan Wed 22-May-19 19:45:38

It really does work smile

fblake Wed 22-May-19 20:03:21

Thank you!! 😊

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