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Talk to me about breast duct excision...

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Orlandointhewilderness Wed 22-May-19 12:33:04

I've had a bloody nipple discharge. I've been to the clinic and had an ultrasound and the consultant wants to do an excision to make 100% sure there is nothing lurking. As I do have family history I feel it will be worth doing as I want to make sure but I'm a bit daunted by this!! I have another appointment in a few weeks to book it and re-scan.
Any advice!?!

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Orlandointhewilderness Wed 22-May-19 15:07:53

Anyone at all?

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Flyingarcher Wed 22-May-19 22:08:01

Does that mean they are taking a biopsy? Will that be under mammo or ultrasound. Or does it mean a minor op. I had lumpectomy and then three margin ops so four boob ops in total. The ops aren't bad at all. I've had both types of biopsy done so let me know if I can help.

Best to be checked out. The worst thing of all is waiting for results.

Evidencebased Wed 22-May-19 22:18:18

Likewise lumpectomy, rather than breast duct excision.( don't know what exactly that is).
Having lump removed was way better than I feared.
It's hard, facing surgery on such a personal part of yourself.
Uncomfortable that night, fine after that.
Wait for histology results not fun, but it passes. All ok.
I remember being worried about scarring. And also annoyed with myself for caring so much about this , as so relatively unimportant. But I did care. My word, practically invisible mending. Tiny scar, after a year or so hardly could be seen.

Of course you can't help worrying. But it's almost certainly going to be better than you think.

Orlandointhewilderness Wed 22-May-19 22:42:22

they can't see a lump, but consultant has said the only way they can make sure is a minor day op. apparently they remove the milk ducts and test the tissue. I fairly certain they won't find anything sinister, possible a papilloma, but it is daunting none the less!!!

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Orlandointhewilderness Wed 22-May-19 22:43:49

Thanks guys. I really appreciate you replying.

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KettleOn919 Thu 23-May-19 08:06:16

I had this op –microductectomy – when I had a waxy discharge that turned bloody. Unfortunately in my case it was DCIS, and I went on to have a mastectomy. But I was told that bloody discharges, especially if they are bright fresh red blood (i.e. not waxy or sticky) are much more likely to be caused by a papilloma.

If you're worried about the cosmetic results, I can only say that after the microductectomy, my breast looked normal apart from a neat semicircular scar around the areola, which I am sure would have eventually become near invisible if I'd kept my breast.

Hope this has helped.

Orlandointhewilderness Thu 23-May-19 09:18:47

Thank you Kettle. My discharge was the other way around! Started off a blood, then turned brown now is kinda straw coloured and is sticky. It isn't a lot though, how much discharge were you getting?
Sorry to hear you have been through that.
Oh not fussed by cosmetic reasons tbh. It needs doing and I'm just thankful we have the healthcare we have.

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KettleOn919 Thu 23-May-19 13:28:42

It wasn't much, and I had to squeeze the nipple; it didn't come out on its own. It started off clear, and I had it for quite a few years before it turned bloody. Up until that point, my GP kept on telling me it was nothing to worry about! I've just remembered, there is something else called duct ectasia that is benign but that can cause a bloody discharge.

I really hope you get some good news after your op.

Orlandointhewilderness Thu 23-May-19 16:03:19

Mine started spontaneously- I woke up one morning and there was blood all over the sheets and my partner! It bled spontaneously for about 2 days but since then it's if I squeeze it a bit. Then it nearly takes my bloody eye out! It also feels a bit hot inside almost and tingly if there is some in there.
Thanks for sharing your experience- even though it wasn't good news for you it has actually really helped to talk to people who have had it done.

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tryingnottopanicrightnow Tue 04-Jun-19 02:54:55

@Orlandointhewilderness just wondering how this went? I have a thread at the moment - your situation might be a bit similar to mine. How are you?

Aardvarkitsabloodyaardvark Tue 04-Jun-19 03:48:29

I have duct ectasia as a previous poster mentioned. In my case it flares up every so often but the consultant is very reluctant to remove the damaged ducts.
I had discharge sometimes bloody, pain, swelling and at its worst (a couple of years back) a mishapen/slightly inverted nipple.

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