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Your opinions on this please?

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Mumsymumphy Fri 17-May-19 23:06:45

Sorry, not sure where I should have posted this!

My DS's dad has a hospital appointment on Tuesday for results of an MRI scan on a shadow on his kidney. He previously had a CT scan on it but they wanted to do further tests so performed the MRI approximately 2 weeks ago.

He was originally given a June appointment for results but today he got a letter saying next Tuesday instead.

We are not together, haven't been for years, but I've helped him through MH problems in the past (he has bipolar) and i've requested time off to accompany him on Tuesday as he doesn't want to be on his own when getting the results. He literally has nobody else to go with him.

So my question is this - what do you think the results will be? As in - is this a usual set of circumstances, normal protocol, for it to be just a cyst??? I mean as in, having had a follow up scan and then bringing the results appointment date forward?

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