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Prolonged and unusual ovulation pain

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KittyWindbag Wed 01-May-19 12:15:27

Just to preface, I am not currently trying to conceive but before my son came along I was acutely plotting my ovulation and so grew well acquainted with my cycle. Son is now 2 years old. I used to have a pretty normal albeit short cycle of around 22 -25 days. Would ovulate in day 11. I knew this because I would get a few hours of ovulation pain like clockwork. I recorded it all in my diary.

2 years later, and over the last couple of months I have noticed that 1. My cycle seems to be odd. Immediately as my period ends I start to experience what I now believe is ovulation pain. I believe this because it’s accompanied by stringy, clear egg-white discharge and I experience the pain I used to feel. However now the pain is lasting much longer. Currently going on 4 days!

Three weeks ago ago I had a transvaginal ultrasound and a Pap smear. The doctor showed me u had just recently ovulated as she could see the follicle. She said she couldn’t detect any cysts or abnormalities.

I can’t help but worry though. I have read early ovulation means eggs are being released while immature. But also why the prolonged pain? More than three days doesn’t seem good?

Anyone who has had similar?

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Coffeeonadrip Wed 01-May-19 14:17:05

Same here and has been going on for about 6 months now. Mine might be related to the coil maybe but I'm yet to talk to the gp about it

I also feel really gassy throughout the time - do you find that?

I have been on the pill/parch for so many years that I cant really remember what normal ovulation feels like so this came as a shock to me!

KittyWindbag Wed 01-May-19 22:53:32

@coffee - yes I do feel gassy during this time, so much so that before I tied it to ovulation I thought I had a bowel issue. I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m not on the pill and I don’t have a coil. I know cycles change after having a baby but this has just been the last few months. I’d say four? I had a c-section and worried there’s something connected to that.

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Coffeeonadrip Thu 02-May-19 17:47:46

I think best to speak to a nurse or doctor.

I had my daughter over two years ago (c-section) and this issue is maybe last 6 months so not sure if it would be c-section related. But yes it is my understanding that things change after you had a baby.

You seem very worried about it. Your doctors have excluded a cyst and such so this might be your new "normal" but if it worries you, I'd say speak to a doctor about it (maybe a female doctor would be more sympathetic?)

KittyWindbag Sat 04-May-19 01:29:44

I got a second opinion, this gyno said she thinks it’s pelvic inflammation and prescribed antibiotics. So not ovulation related. However she said she couldn’t rule out endometriosis but that would require a laparoscopy. It’s so painful right now, it’s getting me down.

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