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Day case GA for sterilisation any tips?

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Karwomannghia Thu 25-Apr-19 20:17:49

Due to be sterilised, so it’s a day case. I’ve been told to wear loose clothes to allow for bloating. No eating or drinking after midnight and I’ve bought some peppermint tablets and am taking a book for waiting times. Some questions though, do you just go in normal baggy clothes and get changed to wear one of their gowns?
Where do you leave your clothes and bag? How soon after waking do you go?
When can you go swimming again?
Plus any other insights or tips please!

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Karwomannghia Thu 25-Apr-19 20:18:37

What I mean by after waking is after coming round.

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Greybeardy Thu 25-Apr-19 20:37:39

Nil by mouth from midnight is not a thing! The unit you’re having surgery at should tell you more specifically when to fast from. Different times for afternoon vs morning sessions & for food/fluid. (From an anaesthetist). Hope it goes well.

Karwomannghia Thu 25-Apr-19 20:45:35

It says from midnight on my letter, I’m to be there at 7 am

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Karwomannghia Sat 27-Apr-19 09:24:45

Well it’s done now so I can answer my own questions which could be helpful to anyone having the same!
Got there at 7 and taken straight through. First in line. Had nurses, drs, anaesthetist ask me about previous surgeries, allergies, medicines, metalwork in the body, dental work.
Obs taken. Checked nail varnish and no jewellery. Leave everything at home. I’d had my gels taken off so it was ok.
My letter said you may bring dressing gown and slippers so I chose not too but felt like the expected me to have them. You get everything off and wear paper pants and a gown with the ties at the back (I got that wrong). They gave me an extra gown to go over like a dressing gown and some disposable foam slippers. I walked into the theatre like that.
Had to do a sample for a pg test and a blood sample. I had to brush my teeth- a new initiative against chest infection apparently. Had to put on the sexy white bandage stockings.
Met the surgeon who didn’t say much but the doctor explained what they’d do- camera through tummy button and incision on bikini line, find the tubes and put clips round.
In theatre, I had a cannula put in then an ‘aperitif’ that made me a bit spacey then the anaesthetic and gas. It was 8.45.
Came round at 10.30. They asked about pain and gave me some relief. Abdominal pain and bad hangover feeling.
Also bleeding a bit from vagina and had a pad on.

Taken back to where I started and had obs done every hour. I was cold so had a few warm blankets put over me.
Had to eat the most difficult to eat toast like chewing underlay. Thirsty so drank a lot. Felt tired and hungover but didn’t take any sickness meds. Encouraged to get up and about to bring on a wee to go home. Got dressed.
Couldn’t wee. For a long long time. Drank loads and loads. Walked up and down though i just wanted to sit I was so tired. Told if I hadn’t done one I’d have to be catheterised. Believe me I wanted to do one! Squeezed out 60ml not enough. They scanned bladder. Not that full (how?). Went again and did more but still not enough, and again. They scanned again. Hadn’t done enough. I just sat then reading. Shortly after they said I could go. It was 5 o’clock!!
Went to wait to be collected. Did wee. Weed about every 20 minutes all evening. Never known anything like it. Still thirsty too. Up 4 times in night. I wish I’d just sat yesterday like I’d wanted to instead of walking around. That doesn’t work for me when I need a wee and I was so tired. I was doing it to keep them happy and go home!

What else? Some shoulder pain so took a peppermint tablet. No farting, but guts churning and some burping!
Able to sit on sofa in the evening and go to the loo billions of times. Still going a lot today and feel like I need to go all the time but holding it. I don’t normally drink lots.
Stitches and bruising on the sites, with a waterproof dressing over so I can shower but not bath.
No swimming till vagina bleeding has stopped. You have to use pads. and I’ll wait till stitches are gone. I’ve got dissolving stitches.
No feedback from surgeon so I assume all fine.
Erm got 2 week sick note, I’ll use 1, can’t think of anything else! Any questions just ask!

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