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Weird red blotchy armpit

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MaitlandGirl Thu 25-Apr-19 01:47:21

This came up suddenly about a week ago but today looks worse and has spread from the fold in the skin. It’s not itchy, has never bled or oozed, isn’t sore and is only under 1 armpit. I first thought it was a spray deodorant burn or a shaving rash but it doesn’t feel like ones I’ve had before.

Initially the top layer of skin looked like it had peeled but it’s a lot redder than it was and has spread. I can shave over it, wash and apply deodorant without it stinging or itching.

There’s been no change to deodorant, washing detergent, or shower gel.

I’m flummoxed - anyone got any suggestions what it might be, before I go to
the GP.

I do have psoriasis on my scalp but it doesn’t present like this.

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Nat6999 Thu 25-Apr-19 02:27:34

I would try something like Aveeno or Sudocrem for starters, if it doesn't improve I would show it to a pharmacist, it may be either eczema, dermatitis or a fungal infection which is very common anywhere that you sweat & have skin to skin contact. Have you changed deodorant, soap or washing powder, or worn a new top that may have been treated in something that you are sensitive to?

GlamGiraffe Thu 25-Apr-19 03:06:21

Try extra strong athletes foot cream!

GlamGiraffe Thu 25-Apr-19 03:07:23

Try extra strong athlete's foot cream and powder to keep it extra dry.

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