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I have developed a cluster of small blisters on top of my foot ? Help?

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rebekah066 Sun 21-Apr-19 08:46:56

I have deveeloped a small cluster of small blisters on top of both my foot ... it’s not painful but a little itchy... it hasn’t spread anywhere else .. Im just curious to what this could be ..

I considered maybe it could be Shingles but this would spread ? And this hasn’t ?? So confused ...hmm

I would add a picture however I don’t think I can on here ?

Any suggestions would be great

Rebecca xx

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Allovertheworld64 Sun 21-Apr-19 08:54:54

I think if it was shingles you would have pain. Shingles usually follows the course of a nerve. I had an isolated cluster of blisters on the back of my thigh and it was very painful. I couldn’t bear to put my foot on the floor or have the weight of the duvet on my leg! Diagnosis was shingles and fortunately it didn’t spread. Sorry but I don’t know what yours are! Hope they disappear quickly and don’t cause a problem.

Irishnames Sun 21-Apr-19 08:57:28

What shoes were you wearing yesterday? Have you got sunburnt without realising?

SpamChaudFroid Sun 21-Apr-19 08:58:10

Couldn't be sun burn could it? Yesterday was unusually warm.

rebekah066 Sun 21-Apr-19 09:01:47

I was doing gardening on Friday with thickish socks and trainers ... I noticed on Saturday morning when I woke up as it was itchy ... I thought maybe a heat rash of some sort .. there’s no pain which is good just itchy

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SansasSnatch Sun 21-Apr-19 23:02:46

Pompholyx excema? (Spelling)

I get it on my fingers but you can get it on hands or feet

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