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Eye Floaters

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noyoucantgoontheps4 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:57:29

I had a tumour removed from the caruncle (pink fleshy bit at the corner) of my eye 5 months ago, thankfully it was benign. Since it was removed I have been plagued by eye floaters which are particularly bad if the light is very bright. Some times there are so many my vision is obscured. I’m due a review appointment at the hospital in 8 weeks, they want to check my eye every 3 months for recurrence. My question is do I wait until then or get myself an opticians appointment?

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ElspethFlashman Sun 17-Mar-19 11:02:27

Specsavers will get you in very quickly and give you dilation drops and have a good look at the back. Won't cost much at all. The only thing is you can't drive home as your vision is odd for hours afterwards. But you can get a check up without the dilation too if you need to drive, they just can't see as much of the back of the eye, but it's certainly better than nothing.

Retinal detachment is what floaters are worrying for. Most are entirely normal if irritating. But all have to be checked out quickly.

If there are any dark shadows or flashes of light or grey fog, then you have to go to A+E and get into the Eye Clinic pronto.

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