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please someone tell me what this weird feeling is

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cheeryface Wed 04-Jul-07 13:50:21

never had it before, lasts a minute or so and goes again. it's like a pressure feeling in my head.

it keeps doing it loads today. have noticed it for the last couple of weeks.

i haven't got headache / pain

getting scared!

feels like it builds up and decreases again. haven't got time for my head to blow off today!

Iklboo Wed 04-Jul-07 13:51:57

Could be the air pressure - or your sinuses? When the air pressure is very heavy I get 'heavy heads'.

BUT you could get your BP checked to be on the safe side

southeastastra Wed 04-Jul-07 13:52:15

haven't got time for my head to blow off today ! sorry

i have this too atm. i think it's something to do with the pressure in the air. it's so weird atm (assuming you're in the uk!)

AbRoller Wed 04-Jul-07 13:52:27

Have no idea but I've been getting the same thing for years and I'm still here.

leCodgy Wed 04-Jul-07 13:52:35

I get like this before a thunderstorm.

cheeryface Wed 04-Jul-07 13:58:15

thank god for that abroller!

thought i may be about to be put out of my misery

honestly, though, how often do you get it? today it's about every 15 minutes or something.

feel o.k otherwise

Berries Wed 04-Jul-07 14:06:14

Been feeling the same way all day, plus incredibly tired. I think it's linked to the weather. Have just had the loudest thunderclap so hopefully it'll get better soon.

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