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Oh god miniPPH has just thrown a huge rash after having peanut butter...

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MintyDixCharrington Sun 01-Jul-07 10:58:27

is this the beginning of a peanut free existence? Any advice from anyone? Should I get her tested?

BandofMuggles Sun 01-Jul-07 11:01:20

I think DD2's recent appearing/disappearing rash/spots was peanut butter. Was the only thing I had given her that was new. Doesn't mean she'll never be able to have it tho.

BandofMuggles Sun 01-Jul-07 11:01:56

I would stop it, then try again after several weeks, if it happens again, it probably was.

Enid Sun 01-Jul-07 11:02:25

god poor you

I live in dread of this happening to us

FrannyandZooey Sun 01-Jul-07 11:04:35

God no don't try again

avoid it like the plague, an serious allergy in the future MAY be avoided by strictly avoiding nuts etc

next time could be an anaphylactic reaction, if she is allergic

yes get her tested. I know it is frightening, but the more you know now, the better you can manage this, and some children CAN outgrow an allergy if all exposure to the food is strictly avoided

MrMaloryTowers Sun 01-Jul-07 11:07:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MintyDixCharrington Sun 01-Jul-07 12:04:09

we had sports day on friday and I made a picnic including peanut butter sandwiches. but she was wandering around mugging everyone else for bits of their picnic so when she produced an allergic rash on sat am I thought she'd been drinking someones fruitshoots or something.

rash faded yesterday.

this morning dh gave her a piece of toast with peanut butter, she stuck her finger in it and licked it and immediately got a rash on her face and it then travelled all over her nappy region and groin and back of legs


can they REALLY grow out of it? God I'm going to have to go through the larder with a fine toothcomb and chuck out any nuts. And get her tested to see if it is all nuts or just peanuts or what.

scary stuff, aurghghghghghghghghg

MintyDixCharrington Sun 01-Jul-07 12:05:20

this is ds2 by the way - 18mths

off to search for peanut allergy messages


MintyDixCharrington Sun 01-Jul-07 12:05:29

dd2 I mean

BandofMuggles Sun 01-Jul-07 12:08:39

Kids have been known to grow out of allergies. My sister was allergic to milk as a baby, but has loads now.
Peanuts can be dangerous tho, so Maybe Franny is right. Sounds like it was that from what you say. Ring your gp and ask re testing.

Might not be all nuts, but again, best to ask.

TransfiguratingLily Sun 01-Jul-07 12:12:28

That's how it started with my dd. So I avoided peanuts but she was given them accidently and took a huge reaction, had to go to hospital. Now we carry epipens everywhere. Get her tested and avoid all peanut things like the plague. It is a horrible thing it can't be treated lightly.

littlelapin Sun 01-Jul-07 12:19:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MintyDixCharrington Sun 01-Jul-07 12:22:40

It is frightening isn't it?
Lily should I remove ALL nuts from the house (eg ground almonds that I bake with etc) or just peanuts? And are there any particular ingredients I need to look for apart from peanut oil and arachid oil?

God I can feel a steep learning curve coming on.

Aloha Sun 01-Jul-07 12:25:24

how scary.

foxinsocks Sun 01-Jul-07 12:33:41

oh poor you pph

I would be careful with all nuts for the time being. A peanut allergy doesn't mean necessarily that tree nuts will be a problem but you can't rule them out and because of that, I'd avoid them in your shoes.

foxinsocks Sun 01-Jul-07 12:41:16

I would take her to see our mate Markiewicz or this guy. I haven't seen him (had heard he was good) but zizou/toomanydaves went and saw him last week if you are looking for feedback - here's her thread.

motherinferior Sun 01-Jul-07 12:41:48

Will send you piece I did on allergies (much of it picked from the obliging brains of Mizz Socks ).

motherinferior Sun 01-Jul-07 12:45:04

And I would go for proper testing; otherwise you'll end up cutting out stuff you don't have to, I reckon.

Mercy Sun 01-Jul-07 12:49:14

How scary for you all.

Is there any history or asthma or eczema in your family? Tbh I know very little about peanut allergy but I avoided peanuts until dd was almost 5 for this reason (the asthma/eczema history that is)

Hope dd gets better soon

Aitch Sun 01-Jul-07 13:09:40

oh bugger, that is a pain. i fear you may be right about the learning curve. fingers crossed that you'll avoid the scary stuff b knowing about it now.

LadyTophamHatt Sun 01-Jul-07 13:10:01

oh god PPH, it scares me half to death too.

Ds4 had horrendously runny poos after his first jabs but I just thought it was a side effcet, then the other day I dropped an egg out of the fridge and it bounced off his chiar, breaking and splashing egg white up his arm.

the next day his arm was covered his angry red spots.

The jabs have something egg based in them IIRC (a quetion on the sheet asked me if they are allergic so I assume anyway) and now the angry spots make me every scred of eggs!!

Good luck withfine tooth combing the larder....

MintyDixCharrington Sun 01-Jul-07 14:50:12

oh thank you everybody
I'm taking her to see gideon lack at st mary's because I've seen him before and he is v good (and a friend of a friend). I've already emailed him photos poor man

Had friends here for lunch and they are leaving with a bag full of nuts

tortoiseSHELL Sun 01-Jul-07 15:00:16

Oh PPh - hope this turns out not to be a peanut allergy, or if it is that it isn't too bad. My mum has a very serious allergy (though not a food one) and carries an epipen - it's fine, she just has to be aware of when to use it, and I think she's only used it twice in 20 years or so.

calordan Sun 01-Jul-07 15:12:34

dd1 has a nut allergy, has to avoid all nuts especially peanuts and pinenuts, we have to be careful but life is pretty normal, she is 10 so knows to check ingredients, never eats home bakes, wary of pasta(pesto) and wont do dips, just wanted to say it isnt necesarily the hard slog, just a bit of a pain.She doesnt carry an epipen cos i know everyone wouldnt be comfortable about using it, school coaches, other mums etc...and she can still eat stuff that "has been prepared in factory that uses nuts"

aDad Sun 01-Jul-07 15:18:06

In answer to question lower down - if you have a nut allergy it is 80% likely that you will never lose it unfortunately.

And definitely get those tests done and avoid nut contact in the meantime as Franny said.

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