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Page 34 | Gallbladder Removal 2019 - support thread

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UserThenLotsOfNumbers Mon 31-Dec-18 10:39:06

Who is or is likely to have their gallbladder removed this year?

There seem to be a lot of threads on the topic (I've read most of them lol) so thought it would be a good idea to start a support thread for people for people having the op soon?

My story:

I'm 35, married with one daughter. I'm about half a stone overweight but reasonably fit. I work full time, husband is SAHP.

Comfort ate and ate irregularly after having my daughter and I have had issues with overeating, which I've now mostly conquered. I also have ulcerative colitis which is being controlled successfully with medication.
I was diagnosed with gallstones in Feb 2018. At the time, I had 2 large ones, 1 and 1.1cm respectively. Could be more by now!

Had been having symptoms for about 6 months before that. It started some time after my daughter was born. She's now 2.2. 12 years ago I had v similar symptoms which ended in a terrible night of pain then nothing for years until 2017. On reflection I wonder if I passed a small gallstone?

So after a year of dithering and fear, plus waiting to get over a colitis flare up earlier this year, I'm now having the op on 18th Jan.

My symptoms started as a dull ache upper right side, feeling sick and occasional vomiting. Now I get back ache, wake up with sore back, twinges, soreness, some acid indigestion. I don't (frantically touch wood) have the terrible colic. But I have some symptoms most days and I feel overall it's getting worse. I want to be well again.

I sometimes feel my gallbladder is swollen, especially at night. I do panic about it.

I've read all the post op horror stories, and all about the post op conditions, although I know that's comparatively unusual. Of course the op is sold as being easy and problem free - I don't believe that's the case! Most common outcome seems to be people are mostly fine unless they have something very fatty or take codeine. Ok, can live with that (hopefully).

What's your story? What are your concerns?

My fears are having digestive issues and pain after the operation, also am apparently being discharged with paracetamol! That doesn't even cure a headache for me! I was on oromorph for 3 days after having my c section, although I know that's not really comparable.

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wineandsunshine Thu 20-Feb-20 18:50:01

Had my scan stones in gallbladder and all looks ok so back to the drawing board with what is causing the pain!!

Fruitbowl33 Thu 20-Feb-20 19:42:53

Could you have possibly passed the stone naturally?

RaynaJaymes Fri 21-Feb-20 19:55:32

Had my gallbladder removed 16 days ago.
Found this thread invaluable on the run up to my surgery.

I went home same day, was sick a couple of times from GA but this has happened to me previously so was expecting it.

Recovery has been good, first few nights were problematic sleeping on my back as too painful to sleep on my side.
Pain relief wise I managed with ibuprofen and paracetamol first 3 days and then paracetamol only til about day 6.

Trapped wind was an issue for a few days but relieved by peppermint tea and lactulose.

Only ongoing issue is itchy scabs on the incisions but feel completely back to normal otherwise.
Totally relieved to be gallbladder free after a debilitating 18 months

Still being careful about what I eat but absolutely no pain or issues so far

Good luck to everyone waiting for their op

gallgal Sun 23-Feb-20 17:16:40

Just popping back to say the op went well. I was so nervous about the anaesthetic but it was absolutely fine. I have four neat little incisions, currently covered in dressings.

I feel wiped out by the stress and the anaesthetic but the gross feeling I had got used to living with has gone.

I am tentatively hopeful about the future.

Meerschweinchen1990 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:51:52

@gallgal so pleased to hear it went well, wishing you a speedy recovery smile

wineandsunshine Sun 23-Feb-20 19:55:45

I totally forgot to ask if I could have passed a stone....anyway my pain has eased slightly since starting the new acid medication. So I wonder if it’s more stomach/bowel related pain. I’m going to see how it settles over the next few weeks - thanks for helping me on this thread though.

Fruitbowl33 Wed 26-Feb-20 15:11:44

Hello All, hope everyone is ok.

I had my scan this morning and I have fatty liver and a gallstone which she almost missed, luckily she had me turn on my side and take deep breaths in then back on my back and a deep breath in again and tada there it was. (Not sure on exact size but she said small). My bile ducts were clear and 3.5mm she said it does not appear that I have passed a stone with those measurements. My gallbladder wasn't inflamed or infected. My pancreas looked normal. But my liver was fatty. My results will be sent to the GP in the next 7/10 days. Not sure what the next plan of action will be. I have started a low fat diet off the back of my last painful flare up and I will continue to do so. I'm hoping things can be managed by diet and lifestyle. I will update again when I have seen my GP.

Good luck to all those recovering and waiting.

JDHP11 Wed 04-Mar-20 12:34:32

@Ispywithmycynicaleye Hi, Did you get an operation date in the end? I was hospitalised for a week at the beginning of the year with Acute Cholecystitis and have been controlling any further attacks with a low fat diet until my Op in (I got my letter today). Previously I had only ever shown very mild niggles of gallbladder issues before earlier this year. Now its under control I’m wondering whether to postpone or just get it out and then its over and done with before it could get infected again. I haven’t had an Op before so I think it’s probably due to that apprehension too.

alwayswantchocolate Sat 28-Mar-20 14:53:11

Hi, I was posting on here a while ago, worried about my gallbladder surgery just before my big cruise holiday! Ha! Who knew coronavirus was just around the corner!!

Cruise was cancelled for obvious reasons. I had the gallbladder surgery yesterday so I’m home recovering now. Gas pains and incision pains are moderate but I’m taking painkillers. And eating a box of milk tray, been so looking forward to eating something nice!

Hospital experience was awful though. Prior to the op was fine, lovely staff, etc. I came round from the anaesthetic feeling really cold and achy and was largely ignored by the recovery room staff who were too busy chatting to each other. Back to the ward where I had a temperature, and a nurse stormed up to me and demanded to know if I’d been abroad in the past two weeks. Anaesthetist jumped to my defence and said it was from the anaesthetic but I was really taken back by her hostility (plus I don’t think you need to go abroad to get it now!).

I’ve also had trouble weeing. I was so dehydrated after the surgery and my throat hurt. My bladder felt completely empty but the nurses kept telling me to provide enough wee. By 10pm I was getting distressed and asking when I could have something to eat (fasting from 8pm the previous day and nothing but a biscuit offered) and when they would make the decision I could stay overnight. They said no to both as I was booked in as a day case. I then said that the only way I could get home due to household lockdown was for my DH to come with our two children on an hour round trip and it was getting late. They just kept saying I’d better get in with it! I was getting upset and also worried as the children wanted to go to bed. Eventually the nurses relented and said I could stay overnight as long as I’d gone before 7am which is when I found out that the hospital has been commandeered by the NHS to manage the influx of patients from 7am this morning. I managed to force out some wee in the night although it was strained and DH picked me up at 6.45am. I had no pain relief, no breakfast, but I couldn’t wait to get away from there. I was the only patient left.

I am still struggling to wee, it’s little bits that I’m forcing out. When I said last night to one of the nurses that I was worried something wasn’t right she laughed at me.

And the follow up number is no longer manned as if 7am as they have officially closed.

Is it ok that I’m still struggling to wee now? I’m getting a lot out with effort but I feel I’m straining my stitches.

breadfortea Sat 28-Mar-20 16:15:51

alwayswantchocolate Hi I had my gallbladder out in December. I had to stay over night too, couldnt wee either. It gradually got better over a few days maybe 5 or so. I wasn't too worried as it had happened to me before. I'm not sure if it's the anesthetic or the laparoscopy. Poor you, hope you feel better soon, enjoy your chocolate. All the best.

alwayswantchocolate Sat 28-Mar-20 16:57:51

Thank you breadfortea, that’s reassuring. I hope you’re enjoying your post-gallbladder life 😄

breadfortea Sat 28-Mar-20 18:08:09

alwayswantchocolate yes it's much better thank you, 🙂🙂🙂

cheapredwine Fri 29-May-20 18:33:16

Looks like I’m joining you! Need to read back but pretty certain grumbling gallbladder, I’ll post properly ASAP

Ispywithmycynicaleye Fri 29-May-20 19:37:34

@JDHP11 sorry I meant to reply to you ages ago! 2 babies under 2 and doing my degree I barely get any time. It was a good idea at the time haha. No still no date for my op, just another letter of apology. I can't see me getting it this year at all with what's happening. Wow that sounds awful! How are you now? Did you have your op? I hope you are feing much better regardless, it's such a horrendous pain.

Unfortunately my gallbladder is the least of my worries just now. My chin went numb and it turns out it is often a sign of malignancies. I'm waiting on neurology seeing patients again and a couple of days ago I found a lump above my left breast. I'm really hoping it's a cyst. And today I discovered a few more little lumps which I'm assuming are inflamed lymph nodes? I'm not sure. They weren't there yesterday. Breast clinic phoned me this morning, I've to go to hospital on wednesday. 38 years old and I'm falling to bits lol, anyone got sticky tape and PVC glue grin

@alwayswantchocolate that sounds like such an awful experience! It's amazing how utterly insensitive they can be considering the role they are in. As if dealing with the whole gallbladder problem isnt bad enough! I had similar after my emergency c-section last year. Ended up in high dependency ward after, staff were amazing. After a few days was moved to the ward... midwives couldn't care less and was always such an effort to get them to help. I hope you have fully recovered now.

@breadfortea thanks for the heads up about the troubles urinating and that it sorts itself out. I probably wouldve freaked out too if I didnt know about it after my op. This is why forums like these are great.

alwayswantchocolate Sat 30-May-20 16:12:44

Ispywithmycycnicaleye, sorry to hear about all your woes. I also feel like I'm falling apart. I had my thyroid removed almost 2 years ago, I was referred for a breast lump last year (was a fatty lobule!) then the gallbladder thing kicked off in December. Having had two body organs removed within 18 months I'm beginning to think I will be a head on a robotic body if it carries on - amazing how many parts of you that you can live without though!!

I hope you get good news from the clinic on Wednesday. And that you get a gallbladder op date soon - sounds like things are starting to ease a bit so hopefully elective ops will begin again soon.

Ispywithmycynicaleye Tue 01-Dec-20 13:41:31

Nope, still haven't had my gallbladder out. Still haven't had my knee clinic appointment to sort my torn meniscus I've had for nearly 2 years, still haven't had my neurology appointment to get a proper diagnosis of why my face and leg is numb. Everything seems to have stopped unfortunately. I did (finally) get a telephone consultation for my genetic disorder which needs close monitoring, especially since finding out I had a stroke. No idea how that couldnt have been done before now!?! I have no idea if or when things will start moving again. Crazy times! I hope everyone is ok.

Meerschweinchen1990 Tue 01-Dec-20 14:45:29

Still waiting here too, I'm going to have waited a year in two weeks time. Had my pre op a couple of weeks ago but have heard nothing since.

Today is a bad pain day, feels like I've been kicked in the sternum.

Fed up of this sad

@Ispywithmycynicaleye that's rubbish, it's so demoralising waiting isn't it? I know there are reasons why but it doesn't take the discomfort away does it!

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