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Post c-section gas - 3 months on...

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hugecat Mon 25-Jun-07 07:26:24

After my c-section 3 months ago, my stomach still doesn't seem to be normal. In the morning, it's quite flat but by the end of the day I have a big pot-belly which seems to be full of gas (a lot of gas is coming out too - rather embarrassing!!)

Anyone had this problem? Any ideas how to make it go away??

careformum Mon 25-Jun-07 09:10:03

This could be an imbalance of flora and fauna in your gut. Your local health food shop may be able to help.

It could be that you may need to cut out foods such as wheat and sugar for a while.

IBS is a common side effect of taking antibiotics, drugs, stress ie Irritable bowel syndrome, otherwise known as Candida.

Candida is a yeast and grows in the gut naturally, however it can take over the gut. Feeding yeast with yeast is an explosive combination.

bio yogurts are good food and do help, however a good health food shop will be able to give you advice on what natural drug to take. They may recommend Acidophilus and digestive enzymes.

IBS and Candida although both general health problems, can make you fatigued.

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